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How to Choose the Right Home Warranty for You

A home warranty is an agreement between a home buyer or owner and a company on covering your home’s appliances and systems. You can pay monthly or annual fees depending on your needs. You can cover home appliances, such as fridges and cookers, as well as systems for plumbing, water heating, and air conditioning.

When choosing a home warranty, you have to look at cost to see if it will be worth the investment. Home appliances and systems are susceptible to normal wear and tear staying on top of repairs will make a difference. Also in case of a fire, flood or other disasters, replacing or repairing your home appliances will be easier if you have a warranty plan.

Apart from price, there are other important considerations when choosing the right home warranty. Here are some key factors to consider:

Services Covered

Check whether the warranty covers home appliances, home systems, or both. A home warranty that includes home appliances and systems will be ideal rather than two separate plans. One home warranty will ensure faster payment as it will be included in a single plan, thus saving time and fees, if any.

Warranty Duration

The duration of the home warranty depends on your payment plan. Do you want a monthly or an annual plan? Choose according to your preference. Home warranty monthly payment plans differ greatly in price from annual payment plans. The cost of a one-year plan will be lower if settled in full versus monthly.

Access to a service provider

Make sure that you have the contacts of your service provider. Can you reach them when you need them most? Are they available to come to your home and ensure that everything is in order? Look into the customer support they provide and gauge their services from the beginning of the relationship.


Consider the cost of the services being offered. Compare the value you are receiving with the money that you are paying. Ask yourself whether you are comfortable with the cost of the warranty. Compare the prices of different insurance companies and pick the one that suits you well.

There are steps that you need to follow to ensure that you reap the full benefits of the contract. When you put all factors under consideration, it’s time to purchase the best home warranty plan in California. The following steps will help you ensure your warranty is working for you.

Steps to Get the Best Home Warranty for You

1. Ask around

Ask friends and people you know about home warranties that are suitable for a home like yours. Realtors are also a good source of information. Compare prices, services offered before you settle on any home warranty plan. Check and ask about any limitations they have. Do they cover both home appliances and home systems or just one of them? Do a lot of research on your own and compare information from different review websites.

2. Choose the home warranty that best suits you.

After doing your research, it is time to decide on a company. Ask for quotations and contracts if possible. Any information will be helpful to aid your search for a home warranty that best suits your needs. Consider your home and your appliances, as well as the budget at hand. Do not spend more than your budget allows. Ask the company if they offer extra coverage for other things such as a swimming pool if you are in need of such service. Be frank and transparent with what you need. Always read your contract thoroughly and understand what the company requires from you.

3. Purchase the home warranty

Some companies will give you information according to your homeownership status. Do you own a home, or are you in the process of buying one? State your status and ask all the questions you can think of. Ask for brochures to be more conversant with their products and services. Ensure that the cost in the contract is the one you are paying and there are no hidden costs.

Different people have different needs, and therefore you should choose a home warranty plan that feels comfortable for you. Consider the appliances that you need to cover and look for a company that provides the best services that you seek. Remember to ask what they do not offer, so you clearly know what to expect. Ensure you have the right contact information of your warranty provider in case you need to communicate an issue.

The home warranty that works for you might not be suitable for your neighbor. Always seek a company that will cater to your coverage needs in case of a fire or any natural disaster. Research online and compare companies in your area for the best deal. Remember, referrals from your friends and family will go a long way in helping you choose the right home warranty for you.

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