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What is USD Coin? Is USDC a safer Stablecoin bet then Tether?

There is no denying the fact that cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin are widely renowned for their significant ability to easily transfer or move value beyond the country’s borders. Hence, being able to transfer money across all the international borders has been made somewhat extremely seamless for the people today. This is a predominant reason why millions of people are hooked on the idea of digital assets more than ever before. 

Also, the transparency provided by such platforms is also being highly appreciated, which was something that used to be overlooked in the past. However, we know that the concept of cryptocurrencies and the digital asset is a decade old, but certainly, none of the cryptocurrencies are immune to the volatility and fluctuations that are pervasive in the market. Visit http://btcrevolution.io to see what the software can help you get on board and to improve your chances of profitability and to explore the intricacies and opportunities that USD coins have in store for the users. 

What do you need to know?

The situation escalates as the prices go up, and there are ample opportunities for traders to make the most of the digital platforms today. Also, we cannot deny the fact that digital assets to this day suffer from a pool of inconveniences that the market has to offer them. Now, such complications and hindrances in the process have affected how cryptocurrencies operate today. Moreover, their appeal, use & adoption took a massive blow just because of the market unpredictability and highly volatile nature of the digital ecosystem. 

Therefore, it became important for the developers to address all these complications in order to be able to perform better and seamlessly. This gave rise to digital tokens, and they are now being offered quite profusely. 

Such digital tokens are now equivalent to prominent currencies like US Dollars. Now, this is where the USD coin comes into the picture and accomplishes the objectives of a growing class of Stablecoins which is also an inherent part of the cryptocurrencies. Here, the USD coin will be significantly more trustworthy, and the users will be able to trust it way more than any other previous iterations of the cryptocurrencies. 

Moreover, USD coins will also be more legitimate as opposed to any other type of cryptocurrency. The coin is constantly trying to position itself in the digital domain as the most reliable coin, and the market share is constantly increasing, which can be attributed to the fact that it is fulfilling the roles that previous versions of cryptocurrencies couldn’t. 

Facts and reality that matter

Going back to the past, the USD coin first hit the market in 2018, but it is considered a much more reliable digital currency, and its value is directly derived from the US Dollar. It is to be noted that Stablecoins are a whole different class of cryptocurrencies, and they cannot be mixed with other types of cryptocurrencies. 

Now, you can also surmise from the name itself that Stablecoins are stable, and they do not really move, which is why they are constantly being traded at a stable or constant price that does not move at all. You might even wonder what’s the point if the prices are not increasing? Well, Stablecoins tend to precisely maintain their price parity which is usually 1:1, and such parity is maintained with other US dollars. 

Now, price parity is also maintained with assets like gold & other fiat currencies. Hence, the concept of Stablecoins is also running rampant these days, which gave birth to a whole new class of investors and traders. Now, the question arises as to how Stablecoins achieve their respective stability? Well, it is quite simple for them as they achieve their stability by constantly being backed by the central reserve. It implies that the prices of such Stablecoins are inherently supported by all the other assets that have a universal value. Hence, it should be noted that an equivalent amount is supposed to be available before such Stablecoins could ever be successfully minted. 

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