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Topic: Should College Be Free: Pros and Cons

Do you want to get familiar with the benefits of free college education? Free Education benefits a lot of students who cannot obtain an education due to a lack of proper economic balance. 

Free College programs provide free education sometimes not for the whole education but also tuition. Between 2010 and 2020 four-year tuition at institutions rose by up to 31%. Despite having numerous benefits there is an existing argument for free college. 

Each and every aspect of our life has both positive aspects as well as negative aspects. In the same way, some experts and citizens claim that there should be a free education system. Whereas a lot of them claim their own reasons for why college should not be free. 

Why Colleges Should be Free? 

As per the data of 2016, the US government alone spent $91 billion amount to help their students with a free college education. 

Governments, different millionaires and billionaires reach out to provide free education as it encourages more students throughout the world to attend college and increases the graduation rate. 

Better education helps you to gain vocational training, increase creativity, and obtain better employment opportunities. This will eventually help you to obtain a quality of life without much hassle. 

In simple words, education is the passport to a prosperous future. It doesn’t only increase knowledge but also intelligence which will help students to tackle real-life problems in a convenient way. 

Different researchers also claim that free education benefits increase the overall economic status of a country as the final result. 

Reasons College Should Not be Free 

In the above segment of this article, we got familiar with ‘Why Colleges Should be Free?’ Now, in this section we will get familiar with some of the reasons colleges should not be free. 

Free isn’t always free. Don’t get confused with this term as a lot of students feel they are provided with free college which will benefit them. But, at the end of their completion of education, they come to realize that they still have a huge amount of student loans. 

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Before thinking that you have gained a free college pass, you must also understand how will the total expenditure turn out to be. 

Sometimes instead of helping the one in need free college programs help those who can handle their own financial burden. This seems a little unfair to the ones who are living in poverty. 

Some critics even pointed out that some students show a lack of motivation to study hard due to the different free college opportunities that are provided to them. 

Hence, free college comes with its own positive as well as negative sides. 

Pros and Cons of Free College 

A lot of people only try to see the positive aspect of free college, 

In this segment of this article, we will get into detail about the pros and cons of free college in an overall aspect. 

Pros of Free College

Free College has undoubtedly benefited plenty of students to gain education facilities as per their wishes and requirements. This eventually leads to providing you with better opportunities throughout life. 

  1. Benefits Society and overall, Economy  

In today’s era, education plays a very significant role in getting different opportunities and standing out from fellow competitors. Education not only provides you with employment opportunities but also makes you capable enough to face real-life problems. 

When you learn to tackle all of your problems and create opportunities for you to shine, you’ll be able to earn more income. This will not only benefit your society but also create a positive impact in the overall economy of your country. 

  1. Increases Reasonable Fairness Rate 

According to different researchers’ lot of talented students are deprived of education in college due to their poor economic conditions. If they are capable enough to excel in their studies they should be provided with opportunities through scholarships and free colleges. 

This way they will have better knowledge about different employment opportunities, and challenges, which will lead them to enjoy a good lifestyle. 

In order to stand out in education at the initial stage they can take the help of scholars, teachers, best website to write essays and all the significant books. This way they will have less way to miss out on all the necessary education opportunities. 

  1. Improves Academic Output 

A lot of students around the world don’t obtain studies or get admission to colleges due to fear of debt. But after the free college opportunities it is found that there is an increase in the rate of academic output. 

Moreover, different research paper companies also help and guide students throughout their educational journey to gain a good academic output. 

More students will get college degrees which will take them a step forward toward gaining the life they want for themselves. 

  1. Decreases Wage Gap 

Wage and Education are directly proportional. When you gain a higher degree, you get better employment opportunities. This will eventually increase your wage and/or salary. 

When both people with a higher economy and people in poverty start to earn the same amount of money after gaining an education from a free college, the wage gap will decrease. 

Hence, many people will be able to get out of their poverty and enjoy a quality of life due to the free college opportunities that are provided throughout the world. 

Cons of Free College 

Many critics claim that free colleges are not completely free. There are always some extra or additional expenses that come along. 

Also, it seems as if free college is demotivating the students to learn and compete better as they are dependent on the thought of obtaining free education. This might have some serious negative effects. 

As we are already familiar with the pros of free college, let’s get familiar with why college should not be free. 

  1. Might Devalue Diplomas Worth 

Most critics claim that throughout the world free college has devalued the worth of courses of 4 years and 3 years. 

Lack of cultured behavior might also be one of the serious issues. So, instead of just looking at financial conditions, students should also explore the behavior of the students. This way there will be less possibility of interrupting in the learning environment. 

  1. Opportunities Might be Misused 

We can find that even those who can obtain education on their own are using free college opportunities. Due to this reason the ones who actually need it are deprived of free college opportunities. 

So, before granting this opportunity the people in the position should consider seeing their financial condition so it can’t be misused. 

Wrapping Up: 

If you’re a student who is thinking of trying for free college, we would suggest you see and analyze all the pros and cons before making any sort of decision. 

The free college has both its own pros and cons so make the decision wisely!

If you have knowledge about free college or if you’re a free college student, do let us know about your experiences in the comments section below. 

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