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The Best Poker Experiences Within the US

While California may be regarded as the true US home of poker, the game is popular in all parts of the country now. What has helped to make it one of America’s favorite games is the development of online casinos.

Being able to play Real Money Poker from home with just a few clicks has made it seem much more accessible to people than it did before. Poker is a fascinating game and once people in the US discovered that, there was never going to be any stopping them.

As great as online poker is though, sometimes there is the desire to visit the poker rooms in a land-based casino. From the feel of the chips to the shuffle of the cards, there is nothing quite like it.

Below we have outlined the best land-based poker experiences to be had in the US.

The Wynn Poker Room

If California is where poker lives in the US, the overall center for gambling is still Las Vegas. The desert resort in Nevada has its famous Strip where dozens of stunning casino complexes nestle alongside each other.

One of them is the Wynn Las Vegas and its poker room is one that no dedicated player should miss out on experiencing. It is considered to have one of the classiest feels of any of the Strip poker rooms and attracts top level players to its tournament action. 

It is housed within the Encore resort that adjoins the Wynn and covers 8,600 sq ft. There is a reward program for regular players called Red Card, while food and drinks can be served by staff.

This poker room offers real money games for both medium and low stakes, with the minimum stake being $1, so there is something to suit all budgets.

The Bicycle Hotel & Casino Poker Room

Given the passion for poker in California, it is no surprise that the Santa Monica area boasts one of the best venues. The Bicycle Hotel & Casino – also known as The Bike – is located at Bells Gardens and its poker room is a match for any in Vegas.

At an astounding 100,000 sq ft, there is only one larger room in California, and it is often used for World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker events. Inside, players will find games that range from low to high stakes, so it is fine whatever bankroll an individual may be carrying.

Poker games on offer at this room include Seven Card Stud, Omaha, Mexican Poker and Texas Hold’em. The other services are outstanding too, with refreshment tables to the side of the poker ones that contain food and drinks.

The atmosphere within The Bike Poker Room is classy and cool.

The Venetian Poker Room

The Venetian is another of the renowned casinos on the Vegas Strip and the poker room is a big factor in its reputation. It is very large and has a total of 35 different poker games available during its opening hours of 9 am to 5 pm. 

VIP programs on offer include a New Member Bonus and Grazie Rewards, while the tournament play is another element that makes it a must-visit venue. 

The poker room at the Venetian Las Vegas is where the DeepStack Poker Series event is held. This tournament combines prestige and popularity, with winners certain to walk away with earnings in the six-figure range.

There is the option of just watching the action, but there are also low and mid-stakes games for players with more standard budgets. It is a great venue for learning and playing.

The Borgata Poker Room

This casino complex is on Borgata Way, Atlantic City and its Poker Room boasts a unique feature. That is live gaming table reporting, covering the most exciting games, and it means that the managers can close off areas of the room where there is little happening.

That makes for a great atmosphere all the time and the games available at its 52 tables range from Omaha to Texas Hold’em. VIP services include the MGM Rewards Points scheme.

Regular refreshments in the form of drinks or food can be bought from the serving staff while play is in progress. Meanwhile the stakes for the games range from as low as $1 or $2 to $400 for some of them.

High and low risk can be combined by taking part in one of the low stakes no limit poker games, but the Borgata Poker Room also has tournament play throughout the year. Anyone wishing to participate in one of those events must book a place in advance.

This is considered the top room that the East Coast has to offer.

Any of these venues will make for an unforgettable experience for fans of poker.

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