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A Guide to Recognizing Top-Rated Roofing Contractors in San Francisco and Surrounding Areas

There are so many different roofing services in the San Francisco, CA, metro area that it can be hard to pinpoint the best options out there. In fact, it could even be considered unfair to grade every company with the same scale. Certain roofing contractors will specialize in specific materials.    

Perhaps the best way to recognize top-rated roofing contractors is to look at the different types of roofs that each company will be able to work on. It’s also important to note what the main challenges are for roofs in the San Francisco, CA area. This can give consumers a better sense of what service they would need to call if they need certain repairs taken care of. 

What’s the Most Popular Roofing Material in the San Francisco Bay Area?   

A reliable roofer in San Francisco and Bay Area will be able to both repair and install SPF roofs. These foam-based roofs have been listed as the most popular roofing option for Bay Area homes for years now. Why are these SPF roofs seemingly popping up all over the region?  

The ease with which these roofs can be installed is one of the main reasons why they tend to be popular in this area. These types of roofs also don’t need to be repaired virtually for their entire lifespan, which can extend upwards of 15 years. Apart from the low cost, what makes them perfect for San Francisco is the fact that they are moisture resistant.  

There are two natural elements that roofs in San Francisco, CA, are going to constantly be battling against. One of them is the aforementioned moisture issue; since the Bay area is obviously close to the ocean, humidity tends to be high all year round. The wind is the next element that roofs in the region need to contend with. 

Finding a Roofing Company That Understands the Challenges That Local Roofs Face

The reason why it’s important to talk about the most common roofs in the region in a guide to local contractors is so that people who might not know what type of roof they have at home can start there. It’s also relevant here in the San Francisco, CA, area because the second most popular roofing option is a shingle roof. 

Shingle roofs, for their part, struggle with high winds, plus mildew tends to build up within them. That means that they don’t necessarily handle moisture all that well. Why would these roofs be popular in San Francisco? The simple answer is that they’re cheap. 

Top-rated roofing contractors will ideally warn potential customers of the dangers that adding a cheap roof could present to their homes, at a minimum. When a company is able to explain the pros and cons of each roofing type clearly, the customer can feel like they’re in good hands. That’s certainly an element that’s worth searching for amongst not only roofing services but also other types of companies.

Working with Companies That Can Repair or Install Different Types of Roofs 

When picking the right roofing contractors in San Francisco, CA, for a commercial or residential project, it’s usually preferable to work with a company that can handle different types of roofing materials. That way, it won’t push the client to pick a specific type of roof. Judging from the amount of shingle roofs in San Francisco, this may be a tip many people skip.

There are instances where this idea won’t be as useful. If people want to add a metal roof on their property, then they may want to look for a company that specializes in those types of materials. Options that offer metal roofing services typically will also be able to repair aluminum roofs and other similar materials.

Understanding the Difference Between Commercial & Residential Projects

Some amazing roofing services in San Francisco just don’t have the capacity to handle commercial projects. That’s why it’s unfair to grade roofing services on the same scale. This is very evident in some of the smaller towns around the San Francisco area. 

Many of the companies that provide particularly residential roofing services to these communities are mom-and-pop shops. That doesn’t mean that the quality of the services has to suffer at all. In certain cases, though, it could be a good idea to look for a larger company closer to the San Francisco downtown area that’s more likely to offer commercial roofing services.

The Best Services in all of San Francisco, CA 

This is a list of the best roof contractors in all of the cities within the San Francisco metro area. It’s important to point out that many of these places are ranked high because of user reviews. The time that each of these companies has in business is also taken into account in the ranking. 

That doesn’t mean, though, that the number one option in all of these cities will be the first one listed below the city name. It’s important to remember that each project that people could be looking into is unique. Therefore, finding the right company that can meet those needs is what’s most important.   

San Francisco Downtown District  

1) Ace Roofing SF, Inc.

2) 7×7 Roofing

3) Eco Smart Roofer


1) Master Roofing Company

2) General Roofing Co.

3) Citywide Roofing and Remodeling Inc

Contra Costa

1) Roof Doctors Contra Costa County

2) Tristan & Sons Roofing & Construction LLC

3) Shane & Sons Roofing & Construction

San Ramon

1) Roof-Life Construction

2) Tri-Valley Roofing Corp

3) Sierra Roofing and Solar


1) Pacific Coast Roofing Service

2) Pablo Restorations Roofing

3) Jorge Lopez Roofing Inc


1) Integrity Roofing Systems

2) Sierra Roofing and Solar

3) Element Roofing Systems Inc.

San Rafael

1) Chambers Brothers Roof Repair LLC 

2) Northern Pacific Roofing 

3) Roofing Craftsmen, Inc.


1) Marco Roofing

2) Tri-City Roofing

3) Sonrise Roofing


1) California Custom Contractors

2) NC Roofing Solution, Inc

3) Roof Right


1) Quevedo Roofing

2) Superior Roofing Solutions

3) Ken Cooper Roofing & Gutter Systems


1)  P.R.I. – Premiere Roofing, Inc.

2) Mel’s Roofing

3) Halco Roofing


1) Town & Country Roofing & Solar

2) Calpro Roofing

3) Bailey’s Roofing

Walnut Creek

1) Apollo Roofing Company

2) Equinox Roofing

3) S&L Remodeling And Design

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