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Latest Odds and Prediction About The 2024 MLB World Series

The 2024 World Series season is fast approaching. That said, odds for the 2024 World Series have been released by different oddsmakers, giving the fans and bettors a chance to predict the future. 

Aside from the odds, predictions and news about the 2024 MLB are also circulating. You must continue reading if you want to check out what the people are talking about and the oddsmaker projection for next season. 

Below, we will discuss the latest odds, news, and predictions for the 2024 MLB World Series and see whether your favorite team has a shot at the playoffs and championship next year. 

2024 MLB Latest Odds

Whether you’re betting for the MLB playoffs or watching each game unfold, the odds play a significant role in sporting events like the World Series. Odds represent the likelihood of an outcome to happen. 

It helps you gauge whether your favorite team will win or lose in a specific game or if they have a chance of reaching the World Series championship. That’s why you must constantly check on the latest updates regarding the MLB playoff odds to know if the chance of your favorite team winning increases or decreases. 

For bettors, in particular, odds also show how much they can win if they continue wagering on a certain team. Therefore, let’s not delay further and check out the latest odds of the MLB playoffs below:

Atlanta Braves: +700

LA Dodgers: +750

Houston Astros: +900

Texas Rangers: +900

Philadelphia Phillies: +1100

New York Yankees: +1300

Baltimore Orioles: +1600

San Diego Padres: +1600

Toronto Blue Jays: +1700

Boston Red Sox: +2000

Tampa Bay Rays: +2000

Seattle Mariners: +2000

New York Mets: +2000

Arizona Diamondbacks: +2500

Minnesota Twins: +2500

Chicago Cubs: +3000

San Francisco Giants: +3000

Cincinnati Reds: +4000

St. Louis Cardinals: +4000

Milwaukee Brewers: +4000

Detroit Tigers: +5000

Miami Marlins: +5500

Cleveland Guardians: +6000

Pittsburgh Pirates: +6000

LA Angels: +6500

Washington Nationals: +7000

Chicago White Sox: +8000

Kansas City Royals: +10000

Colorado Rockies: +15000

Oakland Athletics: +15000

Remember, these odds may change depending on the performance shown by each team in every match they participated in. So, checking for the update regularly is highly recommended, especially as we are nearing the 2024 MLB World Series season. 

Prediction For The 2024 MLB World Series

As seen on the latest odds for the upcoming 2024 MLB World Series, the favorite to win next season is the Atlanta Braves, even though the Texas Rangers won the current season. It is because the Atlanta Braves came off the 2023 regular season with a 104-win campaign. 

Additionally, the Braves also won the National League East. They equipped the team with deeply skillful core players such as Spencer Strider, Austin Riley, and the NL MVP favorite Ronald Acuña, Jr. and many more others. 

The Braves also have an ownership group that is more than willing to spend just to improve the team’s lineup. However, like any other sporting event, there is no guarantee in the MLB World Series. The outcome will still be how the free agency will play out, which could significantly change the odds for each team. 

Meanwhile, for the reigning champion Texas Rangers, many ask, will they have a repeat World Series Championship odds next season? Remember that MLB hasn’t had a repeat champion since the Yankees, who won thrice from 1998 to 2000. 

Being the next team to have a repeat championship since the Yankees could pressure the Rangers. But as per the prediction of some fans, the Texas Rangers could succeed and pull off a feat next season. 

The Rangers didn’t spend much money on free agent signings in the previous offseasons just to win once and then lose overnight. The team is expected to work harder next season to show the world and other teams that they will be the next repeat winner of the MLB World Series. 

2023 World Series Championship Recap

They entered the game as the oldest team in ML that didn’t have a World Series title. But the tables finally turned for the team, and they concluded the 2023 MLB World Series as the Champions. 

They defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks 5-0 in Game number five and finally clinched the World Series Champion title for the first time in 63 years. It was a sweet victory for the team, and they don’t show signs of backing down this upcoming season. 

Final Thoughts

Anticipating the 2024 MLB World Series is exciting, especially since we might have another repeat champion next year after over two decades. 

That said, if you are looking forward to the next season of the MLB World Series, you should check any news and updates as the next season approaches. It will help you know whether your favorite team will have a chance and decide whether to change your bet or keep it.

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