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Identified your business leads? Now, connect with them in unique ways!

If you have identified the best sales leads for your business, it’s time to focus on nurturing and connecting with them.

However, most businesses worry about coming off as too pushy about connecting with them. They also worry about the platforms and ways to reach out. If you’re thinking the same, here are your best suggestions!

1. Blog

Blogs are one of the most reliable and safe ways to connect to your leads. Moreover, there’s more than one way to use them. However, this tactic is pretty time-consuming.

In this strategy, you may write blogs alone if you don’t have a huge team. If your business is big enough and you have other things to focus on, get it written by your marketing team. Ensure you create blogs based on your leads’ interests.

Alternatively, you can share blog articles with your leads via email personally. Of course, this is not a must-do and only a choice.

You can also read your leads’ blogs, comment, and share your insights. Let them know if you agree with them and compliment their hard work. If you have questions, ask them in comments with a respectful tone.

Retweet and share blogs your leads interacted with or posted on your professional social media accounts like LinkedIn. Check the social media platforms your leads are most active in and prioritize that. This is a great way to flatter their tastes.  

2. Networking Event

There’s an appropriate networking group for every profession. So, look them up online and join the relevant ones. Whenever these groups hold networking events, don’t hesitate to sign in. After all, these events allow you to meet prospective leads in person.

Before attending, research the interests of most of the attendees – who are also prospective leads. Be prepared to have small talk with them and leave a great impression.

Another way to show them that you value their time and are always on top of your game is to invest in NFC business cards. Make sure you choose an attractive and unique look for your card to grab their attention and ensure all details are updated.

Your card can even become a great conversation starter. It’ll also show that you’re serious about your business, which will build trust among your leads.

3. Call

When it comes to calls, most people think it’s about cold calling. However, the average conversation rate of cold calling is just 2%! As a result, cold-calling is inefficient, and this is not about that at all!

Instead, you must focus more on inbound sales leads and call them. Research and call them on the days, situations, and times your effort will most likely work.

For instance, if your sales-qualified leads fill out a form on your website or share feedback, call them immediately to connect effortlessly. Or if they visit your website, call them.

Moreover, when followed up within 5 minutes, leads are much more likely to respond and convert into clients. On the other hand, if you or your sales representatives connect within 10 minutes, there’s a 400% drop in their conversation rate.

So, an effective tip is to connect with your leads ASAP to enjoy the maximum conversion rates.

4. Email

Just like calling, you can also follow a similar strategy with emails. Whenever your leads interact with your website, send them a follow-up email.

In a way, this strategy might be even more effective than calls. After all, most people aren’t enthusiastic about talking to salespeople.

You can nurture your leads further by sharing more relevant information and resources with them through emails.

Since you’re not sharing all that over the call, they’ll not feel forced to listen to everything. This will increase their likelihood to read everything more thoroughly.

Choose a healthy frequency for mailing them. Don’t bombard their inbox with too many emails. Otherwise, they’ll regret sharing their email ID with your business.

On the flip side, don’t send emails so rarely that your topics become irrelevant to them or they get influenced by your competitors.

5. Social Media

You’ll miss out on a lot if you don’t use social media to your advantage. These platforms will help you build your brand and reach out to your sales leads more personally. Let’s know about the top platforms here:

6. LinkedIn

Top salespeople prioritize LinkedIn to connect with their leads. Using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can send your prospects a huge volume of InMail messages directly.

Compared to the general LinkedIn platform, this helps you connect with anyone without providing details about the prospect.

There’s also a lead-building tool. That helps you save filtered searches, companies, and leads. You also get updates about leads and suggested leads similar to the saved ones.

If you join the same LinkedIn groups as your leads, you can also closely monitor their interactions and connect over common subjects.


Twitter lets you know your leads’ hobbies, queries, and problems. They may post questions and opinions or answer others’ questions.

Keep a close eye on their activity. Retweet any post they liked or shared and that you agree with. If they post questions relevant to your business, answer them.

However, ensure you don’t take every question as a chance to recommend your business offerings. Otherwise, your leads may get turned off by your promotional answers.

6. Chatbot and Live Chat

On your business website, incorporate chatbot or live chat support. This will provide immediate assistance to your leads. Through real-time interactions, they’ll be able to get their queries answered faster and show them through your business offerings effortlessly.

This will impress your leads much easier and boost the conversion rates.

7. Personalized Video Messages

If your leads have complicated and serious questions, a great way to connect with them is through personalized video messages.

The human touch instills a connection between your lead and the business. This way, you also share detailed information and engage with your leads, which impresses them.


While you give a shot to these options, be patient and try your best to seem relevant and helpful! 

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