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Explained: Top-Rated Neighborhoods to Live in Cincinnati in 2024

Everyone knows that Cincinnati, the third-most populous city in Ohio, is where urban excitement meets suburban charm. 

The Queen City has everything you could dream of. There’s a lively mix of history, culture, and unique vibes that make it truly special. 

Cincinnati is home to over 300,000 residents who revel in the cultural wealth and sports heritage of the city. 

What’s more? 

Most of its neighborhoods are safe as well. But with over 40 neighborhoods, each offering its own flavor of Cincinnati life, finding the perfect fit for your lifestyle can feel overwhelming.

Whether you are a young professional on the go, a family looking for the best place to raise children, or someone seeking affordability, Cincinnati has something for everyone.

Let’s walk you through the best neighborhoods to live in Cincinnati.

Quick Overview

  • East Walnut Hills — Culturally Relevant Neighborhood
  • Hyde Park — Most Family-friendly Neighborhood
  • Over-the-Rhine — Most Affordable Housing Options
  • Mount Lookout — Best for Young Professional
  • Pleasant Ridge — Most Diverse Neighborhood
  1. East Walnut Hills

As one of the best areas in Cincinnati, East Walnut Hills in Hamilton County seamlessly blends historical charm with modern cultural relevance.

Think of this neighborhood as the ideal retiree zone.

Even as an urban area, its stunning architecture from its historic German-dominated era presents it as a place where Cincinnati’s artistic soul beats. Even with housing costs higher than 69.3% of the neighborhoods in Ohio, 55% of its residents are homeowners. 

Over 65% of its active workforce have jobs in management and professional occupations, with a smaller 8.3% employed in manufacturing and laborer jobs like Cincinnati movers

The neighborhood hosts a variety of art galleries, boutique shops, and historic landmarks such as the majestic St. Francis De Sales Church. Moreover, the Woodburn Avenue corridor is particularly vibrant, featuring diverse dining options and specialty stores. 

  • Population: 4,232
  • Average Home Rent: $1,336
  • Median Home Value: $295,000
  • Median Household Income: $44,103
  • Crime Rate: Low
  1. Hyde Park

Family first? Head to Hyde Park!

Hyde Park stands out as Cincinnati’s most family-friendly neighborhood. It’s in Hamilton County and is renowned for its excellent schools, safe environment, and many parks. 

Although housing costs are about 80% higher than the city and state averages, an impressive 59% of its residents own their homes, solidifying its claim as an affluent neighborhood. 

While it is arguable that Hyde Park is the safest neighborhood in Cincinnati, you cannot take away from the unique community feel this urban-suburban area provides. Plus, with a variety of shops and restaurants, you’ll find everything you need for a well-rounded family life.

Hyde Park is not just one of the nicest neighborhoods in Cincinnati; it boasts a highly educated adult population. About 74.5% of its adults have earned at least a bachelor’s degree—a better stat than over 91% of U.S. neighborhoods.

  • Population: 13,604
  • Average Home Rent: $1,500
  • Median Home Value: $600,000
  • Median Household Income: $74,053
  • Crime Rate: Low
  1. Over-the-Rhine

Say what you may about this neighborhood, but the list of best neighborhoods to live in Cincinnati would be incomplete without the revitalized Over-the-Rhine (OTR). 

Everyone knows that living in Cincinnati doesn’t make you break the bank. But if you want to launch a super-saver lifestyle while having access to modern amenities and a high quality of life, OTR gives a nice wave to you.

With trendy bars, rooftop decks with stunning city views, and a thriving restaurant scene, OTR sets the pace. Here, you can easily unwind at a craft brewery or catch a live show at a music venue. 

But Over-the-Rhine is not just about the nightlife. Its proximity to downtown Cincinnati makes it an ideal location for young professionals working there. Plus, on weekends after work, you get to explore nearby Findlay Market for fresh produce. 

Moreover, if you want to make that move for your career, it should excite you that the apartment vacancy rate is higher than 79.2% of American neighborhoods. 

You have more chances of finding a home fast than Antarctica, which is likely to become a desert. Over 70% of residents rent, and car ownership is very limited.

  • Population: 5,657
  • Average Home Rent: $1,863
  • Median Home Value: $300,000
  • Median Household Income: $51,566
  • Crime Rate: Moderate
  1. Mount Lookout 

When considering the pros and cons of some of the best neighborhoods Cincinnati has, you’ll find that Mt Lookout’s combination of a safe environment and stunning views of the Ohio River proves that amazing city living can be gotten even from suburban areas.

Mount Lookout is a neighborhood that offers a balanced mix of desirability and career growth opportunities. It is home to the only astronomical observatory in Cincinnati and has one of the largest parks as well. 

It might interest you to know: only about 2% of its population is living in poverty. Mt Lookout is predominantly a white neighborhood, with its quality of education in the district being better than over 90% of all U.S. schools. 

Crime is almost non-existent in this neighborhood. Rate ranks lower than the city, state, and national median values for all crime indices, including murder, assault, theft, burglary, and robbery. 

The neighborhood has scenic views like the expansive Mount Lookout Square, which hosts a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars.

  • Population: 6,264
  • Average Home Rent: $1,341
  • Median Home Value: $717,800
  • Median Household Income: $115,558
  • Crime Rate: Low
  1. Pleasant Ridge

Many people often ask, ‘Is Cincinnati a good place to live?’ and Pleasant Ridge, like the previous neighborhoods mentioned, gives the best positive response needed.

Celebrated as Cincinnati’s most diverse neighborhood, Pleasant Ridge lives up to its name. Located just northeast of downtown Cincinnati, this neighborhood has a welcoming atmosphere and cultural inclusivity. 

Life in Pleasant Ridge is famous for attracting a wide array of residents from different backgrounds. You will find individuals with German, Irish, and even English roots in Pleasant Ridge. 

Moreso, this diversity and inclusivity is reflected in the neighborhood’s culinary scene, with numerous ethnic restaurants and food markets.

While the homes in Pleasant Ridge are mostly historic, they come fitted with modern amenities and will cost you less than similar neighborhoods in Cincinnati would. 

In terms of career opportunities, almost 84% of its residents have white-collar jobs, with about 53% being homeowners. 

  • Population: 9,138
  • Average Home Rent: $1,462
  • Median Home Value: $301,000
  • Median Household Income: $56,268
  • Crime Rate: Moderate

Quick Recap—Best Neighborhoods to Live in Cincinnati

When scouting for the best neighborhoods to live in Cincinnati, remember that each location is unique and meets specific needs while accommodating different aspects of city life. 

East Walnut Hills appeals to retirees and art enthusiasts despite higher housing costs. Hyde Park, on the other hand, is ideal for families because of its excellent schools and safe environment. 

While Over-the-Rhine is perfect for young professionals and those seeking affordable housing, it has a moderate crime rate. Mount Lookout suits young professionals with its career growth opportunities, though it’s more expensive. 

Finally, Pleasant Ridge is for those who seek cultural diversity or an inclusive community.

The goal is to pick which area aligns best with your lifestyle. So, ask yourself some important questions before choosing any of these neighborhoods.

Good luck!

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