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Moving to Virginia Beach: What You Need to Know

Welcome to Virginia Beach, your next best stop to an almost endless coastal line with scenic views and the sounds of ocean waves.

There’s a lot to love about Neptune City. First and foremost, its incredible beach lifestyle, mixed with a nice climate, growing job market, and family-friendly appeal.

While falling in love with the city is easy, moving to Virginia Beach comes with some need-to-knows. The city is not bad or chaotic; there are just a few handy details that can make your stay more enjoyable.

Here are some of the important things to know before coming over!

  1. The Beach Lifestyle

With an expansive coastal line spanning 38 miles, there are tons of beaches for you to pick and choose where to spend your time. 

Whether you’re okay with enjoying the beach with crowds or looking for secluded, laid-back areas, there are different spots for your picking. 

For instance, Oceanfront, the main beach area with its boardwalk and vibrant atmosphere, is the go-to for many residents—it gets crowded here. 

Then, there’s Sandbridge Beach, which is mainly the tourist harbor offering a slightly quieter and resort-vibe experience. 

But if you’re moving to Virginia Beach and want to spend some alone time at the beach, you might want to consider visiting First Landing State Park’s Beach and Chic’s Beach.

  1. It’s Mostly An Affordable City

Depending on who you ask or where you’re coming from, affordability in VA Beach might get a different term for you.

For instance, those from places like New York, California, or Miami will consider their dollar worth more. On the other hand, those from Arkansas or some city in Texas might reason the area as a bit pricey.

The Virginia Beach cost of living is slightly similar to the national average, with only a few things, like housing, being lower in price. In fact, data from any moving company in Virginia Beach point to cheap housing as a primary reason for the high influx of new folks.

  • Average House Rent: $1,644
  • Median Home Value: $374,000

Compared to other beach towns, Virginia Beach real estate sure offers a better deal for anyone looking to live in a coastal city without breaking the bank!

  1. Solid Economy & Promising Job Market

Advanced manufacturing, tourism, defense, healthcare, farming, and maritime and logistics are some of the city’s major industries and labor employers.

The first thing to note about VA Beach is its excellent and flourishing economy. Unemployment figures per resident continue to drop, poverty rates are down, and the median income slightly edges above the national average.

  • Median Household Income: $83,245
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.20%
  • Poverty Rate: 8.03%

Suppose you’ve ever had a liking for the U.S. military and want to have a career in that path, in that case, there are plenty of great job opportunities here—the Joint Expeditionary Base-Little Creek-Fort Story is a major employer.

Other Virginia Beach job market employers include Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, Geico, Amerigroup, and Stihl.

  1. There’s A Lot of Military Presence

It’s not exactly Fort Knox up in Virginia Beach, but expect to see a lot of U.S. military presence in the city.

Consider their presence here dominant, and their influence in the city spans decades. For instance, the city has consistently ranked high as the best place for U.S. military families and veterans to live.

Naval Air Station Oceana and the Navy’s East Coast master jet base are two of the military facilities in the city—there’s just a lot here that screams “the army.”

Moreover, for memorial purposes, the city also has one of the largest collections of World War I and II-era aircraft on its shores at the Military Aviation Museum. 

  1. Four Distinct Seasons Are Here

Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer, anyone, you name it, it’s here.

Winters aren’t crazy over here. They’re mostly mild, with temperatures going to lows of 32° and 14 inches of snow even in January, its coldest month. 

Summer is the best time in the city. It’s warm and long—promising about 205 days of sun—with the highest temperature above 90°.

Average seasonal temperature:





It still gets windy here. Being a coastal area, there is enough rain to keep the city cool even during hot summers, which average 47 inches annually.

  1. Expect Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Flooding

While the climate in Neptune City is relatively moderate most of the time, it’s still a coastal city, and the disadvantages of that tend to show its face occasionally.

As someone moving to Virginia Beach, you should know that hurricane warnings are pretty normal around these parts. Of course, sometimes that’s all they are: warnings. Other times, hurricanes have proven to cause expensive damages.

In 2016, Hurricane Matthew caused millions of dollars worth of damage across the city. Luckily, there have been less of that since, but there will be many storms and flooding in areas across the city, which may affect power supply. 

  1. Top Educational System

Without mincing words, the educational institutes and programs in the city are top-notch. 

Virginia Beach family-friendly nature isn’t the only thing attracting people with kids here. If you have school-aged children, you won’t have to worry about finding a good school in any nearby city.

On average, Virginia Beach Schools comprises elementary, middle, and high schools, colleges, and universities, many of which rank among the country’s best. With a student-teacher ratio of 16:1, the educational system offers excellent learning experiences for its students. 

Well high ranking schools in VA Beach include:

  • North Landing Elementary School
  • Old Donation School
  • Regent University
  • ECPI University
  1. It Get Loud

Remember you’re around military bases?

If you’ve never heard jet sounds or seen many of them in the sky, VA Beach is a good place to visit for that type of show. At different times of the day, even odd times, you would occasionally hear the sound of jet engines breezing through the air.

Of course, not every part of Virginia Beach neighborhoods gets these disruptions; areas closer to the base are more prone to the noise. 

If you don’t want to live with such consistent noise, simply ask your housing agent to find you a neighborhood outside the jet’s flight path.

  1. Plenty of Tasty Dishes

Seafood or not, if you like your taste buds blown out with tasty treats, you’ll love VA Beach cuisines.

On the seafood menu, you can find Crab Cake Sandwiches, Hush Puppies, Fennel Pollen-Spiced Sea Scallops, Fresh Oysters, and many more delicacies from different restaurants.

Best seafood restaurants:

  • Calypso Bar & Grill
  • Terrapin Restaurant
  • Catch 31

If seafood isn’t your thing, the local eateries are there to brighten your day. French Toast Bites, Loaded Chopped Cheese Fries, Pork Chops, Garlic & Herb Chicken are a few of the tasty delights in the city.

Check out:

  • Bay Local Eatery
  • Repeal Bourbon & Burgers
  • The Bee & The Biscuit
  1. Limited Transportation Mixed with Traffic

The average Virginia Beach resident owns their car, and for good reasons. Public transportation could be better!

It’s not like they don’t function; buses and light rail services operate in parts of the city. They just aren’t well connected to diverse parts of Virginia Beach.

Due to more cars on the roads and intense rush hours during the day, traffic is frequent in the city. From 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., the congestion during these rush hours is terrible and sometimes inescapable.

  1. About The Crime Rate

In Neptune City, you’re less likely to be a violent or property crime victim!

On average, Virginia Beach safety is better than 27% of most U.S. cities, and your chances of being a victim of crime is 1 in 59.

Per 1,000 residentsVA Beach AverageState AverageNational Average 
Violent Crimes0.882.344
Property Crimes16.1716.9620

In case that’s not enough, and you prefer living in an area with almost non-existent crime, you can stay in:

  • Lynnwood
  • Sandbridge
  • Fort Story
  • Bellwood Estates
  1. Best Places to Live In

Where’s the best place for you and your family?

Which neighborhoods offer the best Virginia Beach amenities? 

Where can you get the most fun Virginia Beach outdoor activities close to your residence?

Whether you are moving to Virginia Beach alone or with family, there’s a place for you to call home. The best neighborhoods with all the finest things the city has to offer are:

  • Alanton
  • Chic’s Beach
  • Ashville Park
  • Bay Colony
  • Great Neck

Families, single individuals, veterans, retirees, and career-minded folks should snatch up homes in any of these neighborhoods. It’s relatively safe and offers suitable amenities for everyone.

Summary—Moving to Virginia Beach

What’s there not to love about the sweet, affordable city in Southeastern Virginia? It’s cheap, safe, family-friendly, has excellent weather conditions, and most of all, has beautiful beaches.

Moving to Virginia Beach has been and will always be a great decision. However, it is vital to have basic knowledge about traffic congestion and possible hurricanes before coming in. Those are terrible and could seriously mess up your entire perspective of the city.

So, find a good job, find a suitable neighborhood and a nice apartment, and finalize your plans to move to the ever-welcoming Neptune City.

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