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Fun With Your Child For Under $12

Posted Jul. 30, 2010, 6:05 am

Kenne Guillory

Just a few more weeks before another glorious summer vacation is over, but you still have anywhere from three to five more weeks with your child. This leaves a burning question: How to entertain your child for these last few weeks, without picking up a credit card? Rest assured, faithful reader, there is a way.

Day One, Monday August 2, 2010 “Beach Day”

Before you leave the house, make sure to pack some skates, a picnic lunch, and a Volleyball. Today we are heading to the Santa Monica State Beach, just north of the Pier on the Pacific Coast Highway. The beach that outlines this area is very wide and sandy, and even has a bicycle and roller skating path, and volleyball nets. Make sure you check out the Ocean Park Playground while there as well. Your cost for today is $10 for parking.

Day Two, Tuesday August 3, 2010 “Movie Day”

Catch “The Spiderwick Chronicles” at you local AMC theatre for their kid’s camp. The cost is only $1 per ticket, and shows at 10 a.m. Get there early because it’s a guaranteed sell out. If you go to the AMC at the promenade, catch a cheap lunch after with your child at Johnny Rockets or somewhere else fun.

Day Three, Wednesday, August 4, 2010 “Local Fly Away”

This is the perfect day for an inexpensive day of fun at Santa Monica Airport! With two observation decks, it’s the perfect place to watch planes take off and land. Use your imagination with your child. Decide where each plane is leaving to, or coming from. Take photographs, and listen to the air traffic controller towers, which the airport broadcasts in the background. Make sure to bring a picnic lunch and a game to play while you watch. One of the decks is actually located on the Tarmac. Rumor has it, that if you and your child befriend a pilot, you could be invited to take a private tour of the pilot’s plane.

Day Four, Thursday, August 5, 2010 “Live Studio Audience”

Today is a fun day, you can go to one of two websites and book free tickets to attend a live taping of you and/or your child’s favorite show. Beware though; some shows do have a minimum age, so make sure your child qualifies before you make that promise. You can check out or Make sure to plan ahead on this one.

Day Five, Friday, August 6, 2010 “Grand Opening Extravaganza”

Take your child to something that’s been in the making for quite some time in the city of Santa Monica. The Grand Opening of Santa Monica Place. It’s sure to be fun, and full of history in the making. Make sure to check out the LXD (League of eXtraordinary Dancers) performance at 1 p.m. I’ve seen these guys before and they are awesome. You and your child will love it, guaranteed!

Well, there it is. A week of fun, all for the low price of $12. The memories you build this week will last your child for a lifetime, if you allow you and your child to experience all Santa Monica has to offer with attractions that don’t break your wallet.

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