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Some of the artworks that will go on display at TAG Gallery on Tuesday.
Courtesy photos
Some of the artworks that will go on display at TAG Gallery on Tuesday.

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TAG Gallery Unveils Three New Exhibits Today At Bergamot Station

Posted Feb. 26, 2013, 9:29 am

Mitch James / Mirror Contributor

TAG Gallery in Santa Monica will unveil its newest exhibitions today featuring artists Don Adler, Alain Rogier, and Betty Sheinbaum.

Click here to view video of the exhibition!

An opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, March 2 from 5-8 pm and artist talk is planned for Saturday, March 16 at 3 pm at the gallery.

In his current exhibition, Adler explores the color spectrum in stone through sculpture.

Adler’s technique fuses color and form utilizing a range of stone in abstracted constructions.

From black Potoro marble with its network of white veins and grey counter-tones, to orange Calcite and gentler tones of pink and white marble, Adler uses these colors to illustrate emotional motifs of love and nature.

“The medium of stone presents the challenge of transforming the unknown and unpredictable into a dynamic and vital form,” Adler said.

This metamorphic process is instrumental to Adler’s work and anthropomorphic designs.

For Rogier, he will present an emotional confluence of psychological, social, philosophical, and historical heritage rooted in stories of survival.

The compositions in this show reflect pregnant or actual struggles amidst vibrant compositional chaos. “The conflict between internal and external darkness and the search for harmony within dissonance is the internal dialogue that energizes my composition and mark making,” Rogier said.

The artist describes elements of his process as a “graffiti of the mind,” often times being dreams caught in a moment of time seeking reconciliation of the past, present and future.

As a painter, Sheinbaum’s latest series “Snapshots” takes inspiration from her many travels, both locally and internationally.

Her acrylic portrait studies reflect snapshot-like compositions portraying local natives at home through the eyes of a visitor.

A vibrant horse and rider trot through an African street, a mother and son stroll on a downtown Los Angeles sidewalk on a family outing at the USC book fair.

Sheinbaum’s colorful displays portray an eye for the attitude and personality of her subjects while sharing a relatable viewpoint with her audience.

TAG Gallery is located at 2525 Michigan Ave. D3 (Bergamot Station), Santa Monica. Gallery hours are 11 am to 5 pm Tuesday through Saturday, and 12 pm to 4 pm on Sundays.

For more information, visit or call 310.829.9556.

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