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Laura Wilde

Mirror Contributing Writer


Focus is on romance and making new acquaintances. Try to come more from a place of being open than being closed. Your fears are set aside once you feel your power. Don’t undersell. You have a lot of collateral on your side.


You have it bad and good. Good because you see there has been progress made. And bad because the progress hasn’t made your life any easier – in fact, it’s been much harder than usual. You are helped along by some neighborly support and old friends but overall, you’re waiting for some good news.


You are part of the new generation of making things better from what they have been in the past. You aren’t going to build Rome overnight but you can certainly make strides. A mystery person sends you a message you are suspicious about. A health problem wakes you up.


You aren’t sure what is true and what is made up for extra added impact. We live in an age of convincing others that everything is okay. It looks good on the outside. The inside is what’s important now. When given the choice, take the painful truth over the comfortable lie.


Your big break is coming. In some ways, you can’t trust anything you see anymore; everyone has a hidden agenda. But that agenda isn’t always a harmful one. Sussing out the real truth is your challenge this week. Your patience pays off in a big way.


A problem you’re dealing with gives you a renewed anxiety to obsess on. But at least you feel the ground under your feet and you’re not shaken. Certain things can’t be understood through art – they involve a different set of skills to understand them. Find a different way of comprehension.


You sort of flow up every which way this week. One day you’ll have everyone on your side and you’ll have no worries. The next day stresses will be at a record high. And the following day, things slow way down and you’ll be faced with boredom. Get used to change.


A first look has you making all sorts of decisions too early. In a way, you are backed into a corner and you have no choice but to do one thing, no matter what anyone says. At some point, you have to take a deep breath and let go. Take the plunge. Be brave.


With communication at an all-time high and personal contact at an all-time low we have never been more connected yet so isolated. This week you’ll be reaching out to make connections, not in the electronic way but in the real human way.


You think that if you do everything right all of your ducks will line up and all will be well. But it doesn’t work that way; there are some things you can’t predict. Best thing to do is not do too much but to keep your time and your life balanced. Don’t feel guilty either for staying in to chill.


The end of the summer brings back the longing and the melancholy. The change in weather also means you’ll be getting down to business and finally getting serious. There is no more time to waste wondering about your own identity; you know who you are.


There comes a time when all of us must brave the thing we most fear. You can’t fall completely because there are too many there to catch you. At the same time, you know there is really only one answer for you and that’s to just go for broke. Don’t say no to things you want to achieve – keep saying yes.

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