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Doggone News:

90066 Need Not Apply

The off-leash dog park at the new Airport Park is verboten for non-Santa Monica residents. This includes Mar Vista residents, even those whose homes abut the park. Supposedly there will be 15 yearly permits for Los Angeles residents, however, as of press time there was no information as to how the permit plan would be implemented.

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Healthy Pets Act Clears Committee

In other dog news, the California Healthy Pets Act, AB 1634 by Assemblymember Lloyd Levine (D-Van Nuys), has cleared the Business and Professions Committee with a 7-2 vote.

AB 1634 would enact universal spaying and neutering for most dogs and cats. 800,000 pets are sheltered yearly – at a cost to taxpayers of $250 million – while most are euthanized in the shelters.

Many dogs would be exempt from the forced spaying and neutering, including show dogs, purebreds, guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, ailing dogs and dogs who have won competitions.

Organizations in support of AB 1634 include the City of Los Angeles, the California Veterinary Medical Association and the Humane Society of the United States.

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