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Madison Music & Performing Arts Campus: Newest Jewel in SMC’s Crown Ready for Occupancy

Groundbreaking for Santa Monica College’s Madison Project, now known as Madison Music & Performing Arts Campus, took place on January 19, 2005. After two years of construction, the Music Department is finally moving in, just in time for the first day of classes on August 27.

Dr. James Smith, Chairman of the Music Department, is excited about Madison. “Once all the details have come together and we settle in, it will be a very nice facility for our music students.” Dr. Smith continued, “We are providing our students with 27 new practice rooms, state-of-the art technology for teaching, new smart classrooms, each equipped with a computer, DVD player and video screen so that teachers will be able to give PowerPoint lectures. We’re even providing free parking for SMC students.” While most of the music classes will move to Madison, a few courses will still be offered on the main campus.

All construction is complete except for the 541-seat theatre. Rhoda Tuit, Professor of Piano, says, “While we are in the most intense ‘crunch’ time now for the next couple weeks, trying to get all the pieces to fit in a remodel for a music department, which is complicated to say the least, we are very excited about the many improvements that there will be. Of course, I’m most excited about the new Roland piano lab. It will be connected to the smart classroom equipment, allowing the projection onto the screen of the music we’re learning and discussing, plus many other features. The new practice rooms, the rehearsal space, which is now being called the ‘Second Space,’ will add much to the student opportunities.

“With the completion of the theatre in the spring, not only will the site will be beautiful, it will be a vital mix of students, music, an art gallery and performances.”

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