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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Don’t be so quick to count out a secondary offer. It might not be your dream come true but it is a potential diamond in the rough. Your emotions are running high this week and you might not be in the right state of mind to make certain decisions. Wait until your head clears and then do what you must.


This is your time of year but that doesn’t make it fun, exactly. More like you start to question decisions you’ve made and people you’ve decided to become involved with and before you know it, change begins to look really good. A big change is going to come.


You are preparing for yet another renewal and that has made you both excited and sort of sad. You feel a lot of love in your heart but you also can’t stand down when you’ve been wronged. Grow some courage and you’ll get through it all.


You are put in a strange position of having to decline one offer after the next. You have your reasons but you will get flak for it nonetheless. When it comes to expanding your career or business, dream big – really big because you’ve got nothing to lose.


It is an ever-confusing world and you’ve got a lot to add to the dialogue. But you must never fight unwinnable battles, especially if you’re not in the right. You must make sure that your conscience is clean or else it will eat at you for years.


You find fulfillment in the choices you’ve made but it’s okay, mighty fine actually, to change them. It is never too late to start. We are all beginners, even if we’ve been at something a long time. There are going to be things in life you can’t predict.


You have little alarms going off in your head and they’re ultimately steering you in the right direction. Your instinct has it going on in a variety of ways and you almost always regret it when you don’t listen to the strong, wise inner voice.


Times are tough all over. Of course, the secure among us will be fine, so if you’re one of those, don’t read the next part. For those of you who struggle just to fill up the gas tank, it’s time to downsize in a major way, to buckle down, and make sacrifices. Don’t put it off too long or you might regret it.


We shouldn’t discount advice just because it comes from someone who didn’t do well or isn’t successful. People who have failed at life have learned valuable lessons along the way. Heed their words and it might change the course of your life.


You can’t predict the future. You have various people in your corner and options. But if you paint yourself into a corner now you might find you can’t find a way back out. You have boundaries to set. Don’t ever forget that.


With so much going on right now you have to learn how not to do everything yourself. That need to be in control will ultimately be your downfall. It doesn’t serve you well in the end. Suck it up and ask people to step up. Learn how to trust people.


Life is hard and getting harder. You are not in the right place right now. Eventually you will find the right place but at the moment, you are not there. In lieu of finding a new place, be comfortable within yourself no matter what. Think big picture. Always.

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