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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


When you are ready to close the door on someone, be very ready. The door might not open later on. A ripped seam takes some time to fully mend. Clues present themselves in disguise but the benefit is the same. Welcome beauty into your life.


Hope really is the thing with feathers. You don’t need to have a lot of it, just enough to feel the lift. You will have so many twists and turns coming up, particularly around the holidays. It’s going to be a monumental year.


You have been taking a backseat to your own life for too long. What is stopping you from doing what you want to do? Perhaps it is this commitment to misery that’s taken hold all of a sudden. Chase down your dreams with a vengeance.


Listen to your inner child who is nagging and nagging you to do something. Magic is everywhere. A pesky neighbor keeps inserting themselves into your life and it’s getting to be a bit of a problem. Stand firm. Don’t ever let anyone rule your life.


What was once chaotic is now smoother though you’re not out of the woods completely. You can’t assume that you will always win but you can appreciate the winning all the more when things go in your favor. It’s going to be a good year.


Once in a while you turn out to be wrong and happy about it. Being right has its advantages but when you suspect something is going to turn out badly and it turns out well? That’s a moment to celebrate. Some of the most temporary relationships become the most permanent.


You can be a leader or you can be a follower. You will know where the best place in line is by how others take their places. Don’t tae important lessons for granted. You come upon them so rarely and they save you so much time in the long run.


What is left to discover is the best life has to offer. Keeping it a mystery makes for some suspense. When things seem complicated don’t back off. Take the time to get to know people. You never know where it’s going to lead. Wait for surprises.


Count your blessings this week especially as you learn of how hard other people have it lately. Blessings come in all different ways from people you value in your life to those quiet moments you have to yourself every day. Savor them.


You think it’s going to be a struggle from beginning to end but you push ahead here, you move ahead there and the next thing you know, you are able to step back and breathe. You never thought you’d get there but here you are.


Harder relationships make for better memories. You are destined for great things in your life, some you’ve only been able to scratch the surface of. You will feel a minor betrayal and will have to work through anger issues because of it. Exercise will help.

PISCESDon’t give up on yourself. You must take the time to relieve stress instead of letting it piling on day after day. This will make things so much better all the way around. Say yes to your success and your future. Don’t say no.

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