“Tree Hugging Day” Rescheduled to March 27

Tree Hugging Day 2017, a “hands on” annual endeavor promoting the importance of trees and our natural environment, will be inviting people to hug trees wherever they may be on MONDAY, MARCH 27.
Tree Hugging Friends will now be holding their special free-to-the-public Tree Hugging Day event on MONDAY, MARCH 27 (previously scheduled date set for Tuesday, March 21 event in Santa Monica, CA changed due to rain).

The event will still be held in the Santa Monica Palisades Park next to the Children’s Tree of Life located at Ocean Ave. and Colorado Ave., just north of the historic Santa Monica Pier.

At the event there will be songs, poems, special guest speakers, lots of tree hugging AND a highlighted ‘Group Tree Hug’ around the tree. Our special guest tree hugger will be be actress/activist Alexandra Paul, who starred on the popular T.V. series ‘Baywatch’.
The family-oriented event will take place starting 5:30pm (until 6:30pm).