The Cup Overflows

By Michael Ray


With cups of wine, bitter herbs, matzah and an assortment of sung melodies, Passover came to a close Saturday, April 7. At Chabad in Simcha Monica, located north of the 17th Street Expo Line Station, a community event and evening service was held. Rabbi Isaac Levitansky led the evening’s festivities.

Santa Monica’s Chabad House was opened in 1972, and according to Rabbi Eli Levitansky, brother of Rabbi Isaac Levitansky, it is the only “full service Synagogue in Santa Monica.” As Rabbi Isaac spoke about “Pesach,” the Jewish word for Passover, people poured wine, shared matzah, danced and spoke and sang in Hebrew.

Eli, explained that Passover “commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt.”

In addition to daily services and holiday events, Chabad in Simcha Monica is host to community programs, such as counseling and summer camp, as well as senior classes, adult education and more.

Rabbi Isaac stated that while his father, Rabbi Avrohom Levitansky founded the Santa Monica location, there are many Chabad houses throughout the world. As the evening concluded, Rabbi Isaac led the ceremonial Havdalah, which separates the “Sabbath from the work week,” as he passed around spices, and spoke in Hebrew.

While Rabbi Isaac hosts services at Simcha, his brother works with students and young professionals at Santa Monica College, both however are part of a network of people that contribute to providing a range of services 365 days a year.

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Blessings by candlelight.










Photos: Michael Ray.