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Spring Registration Begins For USYVL Youth Volleyball Program In Santa Monica

Posted Mar. 9, 2014, 6:00 am

Mirror Staff

United States Youth Volleyball League (USYVL) has announced that registration has begun for the 2014 Spring Season in Santa Monica.

The 8-week youth volleyball league, with the motto that “Volleyball Starts Here,” takes place April 2 through June 7, 2014 at Clover Park.

The league runs $150 per child. For families with more than one child, multi-child discounts are available.

The USYVL has taught well over 100,000 children the sport of volleyball, in addition to life skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship and personal responsibility – all important qualities on and off the court.

The USYVL program utilizes proven curriculum, which ensures quick acquisition and improvement of volleyball skills. The teaching methods provide a supportive environment, and an emphasis on keeping the sport fun. Specialized equipment also advances the learning curve.

“One of the things that separates the USYVL from many other youth sports programs is the level of encouragement and ‘fun’ factor that we bring to the kids,” said Randy Sapoznik, executive director of the USYVL. “Because of our inclusive, easy going environment, it’s not uncommon to hear from parents who say this is the only sports program their child plays in. Also, the league operates in a co-ed fashion, which works extremely well. Volleyball allows boys and girls the opportunity to play together in a competitive sports environment. You’ll see kids at all skill levels in the league. For any child, it’s a great way to stay physically and emotionally fit.”

While each site has instruction led by an expert clinician, parents and guardians of players are encouraged to get involved by volunteering as site directors, coaches and assistant coaches, registration leaders and first-aid administrators.

The USYVL encourages service to one’s community, and the league’s high school volunteer program is a great way for student-athletes to earn their 40 hours of required community service.

To sign up for the USYVL, or to find more information, visit, or call the USYVL National Office toll-free at 888-988-7985.

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