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Video by Spencer Lee
Samohi tennis advances in the CIF Tournament after Wednesday's 11-7 victory over Burbank.

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Vikings Take Tourney Victory

Samohi Tennis Moves to Second Round

Posted May. 12, 2011, 2:42 am

Spencer Lee / Videographer

SANTA MONICA - The Samohi Vikings did not play their best match of the season, but 10 points is all that is necessary to win.

Samohi beat the Burbank Bulldogs 11-7 in team play in the first round of the CIF Boys' Tennis Tournament on Wednesday.

No. 1 singles Connor Treacy only played two matches for the Vikings, but won both convincingly, 6-0, 6-0.

No. 2 Cristobal Rivera did well, too, winning all three matches 6-0, 6-1, 6-0.

Burbank got their victories in No. 3 singles, when Samohi's Charles Villero withdrew from his match with Kevin Lee with a cramp in his calf, and in doubles with two wins out of three matches over Samohi's No. 1 team of Seby Urtiz and Kellogg Adams.

Samohi coach Wilston Poon said this was a good start for the Vikings in the first round.

Samohi still triumphed in the end and will face West Ranch on the road on Friday.



Connor Treacy (Samohi) def. Kevin Lee 6-0; def. Jonathan Lee 6-0

Cristobal Rivera (Samohi) def. Kevin Lee 6-0; def. Tajh Bellow 6-1; def. Jonathan Lee 6-0

Jonathan Lee (Burbank) def. Charles Villero 6-4

Bellow (Burbank) def. Chris Yuan 7-6; defeats Villero 7-5

Kevin Lee (Burbank) def. Villero 6-0 (retired)


Seby Urtiz/Kellogg Adams (Samohi) def. Kevin Banares/Kenneth Banares 6-1

Zach Resnick/Ben Gelfand (Samohi) def. Banares/Banares 6-0; def. Keon Park/Clayton Pauff 6-2; def. James Hong/Arthur Kubko 6-1

Brett Friedland/Justin Sardo (Samohi) def. Banares/Banares 7-6; def. Hong/Kubko 6-3

Park/Pauff (Burbank) def. Urtiz/Adams 6-1; def. Friedland/Sardo 6-2

Hong/Kubko (Burbank) def. Urtiz/Adams 7-5

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