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Laura Wilde

Mirror Contributing Writer


It’s a special time for you so make it memorable. A familial conflict could leave you buzzing with anger for a few days. But it won’t last. You just need to air out what’s been kept in a damp, dark place for too long. Talk it out. Then hug it out.


Relief comes in the strangest packages. You are pleased about the new ways you have to get yourself “out there.” You will make an invaluable connection with someone who will help your position. You are also inspired to do something really big with a small idea.


You will be facing a few big moments coming up. How you will change will depend on how much you’re willing to give up. Be patient with someone who really is doing his/her best. Good things will come your way once you’re open to them. You make progress in a certain area.


A journey is ahead, one that will take you to the far corners of the globe. You have to lift yourself up within to get the kind of respect you want from the outside. Don’t begrudge a neighbor, friend or co-worker who wants to visit with you and bring you something nice. Give back.


Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things to do but it is necessary for you to go on with your life. You have to let go of the past and embrace the now. The future will change as a result. Leave behind what doesn’t fit in your life anymore. Leave behind the negative forces.


It isn’t going to be easy dealing with change. Just as your body changes you also are changing inside. Your wants have changed. What you once felt was important now seems trivial. You didn’t even notice it happening but it happened. Everything is different now.


It’s easier to rely on oneself than it is to trust others, or so you’ve always believed. You can live the rest of your life that way, on a island of protection, but you miss out on some of the better things life has to offer. Share your life raft with someone else who really needs to get on it with you.


You are surprised when all of your efforts and hard work go unnoticed. And when you put yourself in a position to be rejected what could be worse? Be grateful that you are still willing to do so because once that stops so does all the upcoming chances for growth and opportunity. So what if you get rejected.


You want too much of a good thing and that’s not very healthy! Keep it in moderation for the long haul. Save the special moments for special days. But when the indulgence presents itself partake with joy and glee. It comes but once in a great while.


Bring yourself to the front of the room and speak loudly and clearly. When you have all ears on you make sure you have something important to say. A conflict will rear its ugly head over the weekend. Don’t watch what others are doing – soar on your own.


Nobody’s perfect. Be forgiving of others’ flaws and mistakes and applaud those who figure things out for themselves when they get in a jam. You can’t make up for things other people mess up for you. Don’t be afraid of what’s coming next. It’s a good thing headed your way.


You wish you could TIVO your own life – playback certain scenes and redo them so that you don’t make the same mistakes all over again. You have to not hold on to something you felt safe with in lieu of the unknown. In your case, once you let go the real living will begin.

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