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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Things are sort of through the roof this week, taking you on major ups and some downs. Mostly ups, though. There is something stirring in the air that is making everyone feel the need to tell you your business. Only one of them will be trustworthy.


You get a bit of a lift this week as things seem to go your way. Think about what your next strategic move should be to get a little closer to you know what with you know who. You feel moments of unfiltered pride when you gaze upon the results of your labor.


You are off your game slightly, especially on the weekend. Watch your need for urgency so that you don’t rush to judgment without getting all of the facts. When you keep objectivity you hold the cards.


You are benefited from your wisdom this week and don’t have to work as hard to prove yourself. You find some irritation with others, however, so you’ll have to put up a wall when necessary. You can’t always have yourself available at all hours for people who need you.


You find a little more balance between your dreams of creative fulfillment and your dreams for financial success. The two are not mutually exclusive. You need to balance your time better so that you have enough of it to get the dreams off the ground.


Too much is getting away too soon. Time is speeding by and the patterns are staying the same. If you really are going to make big changes in your life you have to actually take steps towards making the changes happen – they aren’t going to feel good either. Welcome the growing pains.


The things that used to be a breeze are starting to feel like a chore. You have to do all of these extra things just to complete your to do list. It seems much too much right about now. It’s time to take a step back and reassess.


Even if things don’t go exactly as planned you will be pleased with the outcome. Your gifts are tremendous this time of year. Just make sure you are sewn up at the edges and that nothing is slipping out accidentally. Feel whole and transformed at the same time.


Your future is up in the air, not quite what you had planned on. On the other hand, odd things can sometimes spin us around in another direction. You will be feeling that and fighting against it. If you go with it, you will be happier than happy.


You feel frustration with everyone around you trying to tell you your business. Your independent spirit has you flipping this way and that. But your stubbornness ends up hurting those you love most. Swallow your pride and admit that you don’t know everything for a change.


You’ve decided you don’t quite have the stuff it takes to take the kind of life that’s being handed to you. It’s time to get something straight: you’re here for such a short time. Do you really want to waste a second of it?


You are underselling your skills at the moment and thus, are basically working for nothing. The problem is, you’re working too hard. That is sucking the life out of you. You need to lay down the law or make some hard core changes. Too many options open to you for you to settle.

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