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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You’re having memories of a road less traveled. You’re wondering if you took the more traveled one and that, in fact, made all of the difference. You can learn much from those who came before you, like which short cuts to take and where all of the land mines are. It isn’t so much what you do that sets you apart, it’s how you do it.


A balancing act has you in the middle of a family crisis. How does this one get solved? It isn’t going to be one of those things you can scratch off a to-do list. A little more deep thinking and compassion will be required. You’re also going to have to muster up your strength for a big confrontation.


So many people want a little bit of you you’re beginning to feel there is not enough to go around. Whatever is suffering as a result of your business needs your attention pronto. You are going through changes that make others notice. Those changes will make your world easier.


You will feel a great weight is lifted by the end of the week. You can’t explain how it happens but it just does. You are able to clearly see certain people for who they really are. You are also going to head down a different path than you previously thought you were destined. Reach out to those long lost friends.


You are wracked with guilt over the memory of someone who seemed to do life better than you do. With age comes wisdom and experience. The longer you’re here, the better at this game you will be. Have patience with yourself for not knowing all of life’s lessons just yet.


You are searching outside yourself for a fix and you’re starting to feel desperate. When you set a goal for yourself are you setting yourself up to fail? What happens if you don’t make it? What then? Will it lead to more self-hatred and frustration? Give yourself a break; nobody is required to be perfect.


A near miss sends you reeling into self-doubt territory. One change in tone of someone you know feels disappointing in your heart. And this too shall pass. Believe it or not, other than extreme grief, almost everything floods out of your memory.


Roll out the welcome mat as a stranger is about to come calling. You are given several clues about what next to do with yourself. One of those things is to engage yourself more outside the home. The clock is ever-ticking but you must move to your own inner clock, which ticks in its own unique way.


One door seems like it’s closing forever. You are scared to take that final step but you do it anyway. You do it because it’s part of living out your destiny. You have everything else you need except the one thing you really want. It’s time to give yourself in service of someone else’s needs.


Getting an early and energetic start on your competitors will give you the edge. Take the bad memories of all of the wasted years and put them in a mental box that you will then bury in the desert of your mind. Really, it’s time to forgive your past and make way for your future.


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in, you find that the water is more dangerous than ever. Watch for things that prefer to swim underneath the surface because they have hidden agendas. You will be surprised to learn that you are richer than you thought you were.


Mixing things up this week breaks up the patterns that sometimes begin to feel like dead weight. You will be sent a message from someone in your past, another person you can’t seem to get away from no matter how hard you try. It is time again to contemplate that big move.

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