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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Journeys start quick but turn slow when things get hard. As you hit the uphill part you’ll need all of the energy you can get. Slow yourself down at the beginning instead. The lesson: don’t be in too much of a hurry to finish or you may never finish at all.


There are too many things in the room right now. You need to make way for your own space. When there is nothing but stuff you have to deal with surrounding you your brain is also cluttered. Keep working on ridding yourself of the extra papers and material things.


You feel torn between people who don’t get along at all yet neither can give you up. While you hate being in this position you also love feeling loved. You can’t give that up any more than you can give up breathing. Don’t let the bad habits rub off on you.


A romantic entanglement has you preoccupied with thoughts you shouldn’t be having. You can stay on the straight and narrow because dreaming comes at no cost. Just remember, things pass eventually – all things, even desire.


You are trying to fight a war you can’t win. Being a leader suits you but you have to work extra hard at diplomacy. You can’t believe that things have turned out the way they have and yet you have no choice but to accept it. You have a spectral light that draws people to you.


You have to be careful – the chaos has begun to pass but things still linger that are beyond your control. With so much craziness around it’s a wonder anyone can keep a cool head. You still mourn the absence of someone you hold dear.


Getting things done on time has never been one of your strong suits. You prefer to put things off as long as possible until push comes to shove. You’re going to need something to put a fire under your seat. How do you do this? Revisit places that inspired you.


You’ll be more alluring to the object of your desire if you practice simply being yourself. You don’t need extra stuff on your tree. Your branches are lovely as is. Adornment only serves to distract from the beauty therein.


Finders keepers. Resentment builds from outside forces. Keep your cool, especially when it starts raining hard. Do not worry if you have to work the crowd – you have a way with people. You have gotten to a place where you are finally ready to live your life.


Hard work has paid off. It may have forced you to depend on other people and to re-evaluate the way you spend your time and money. In the end, though, you have to pat yourself on the back, something you don’t do often enough. Something blue is featured.


Your activist spirit is at work right now. You are waiting to see if things even out. But if not, you are ready to fight hard for the right thing. Keep your head high, stay strong and don’t let anyone kill of your spirit with cynicism.

PISCESYou are mystified by certain things in your physical body these days. You must rely on professionals to help you figure out what’s going on. Listen to those who have spent their lives learning about the body and mind. You can’t do everything yourself; sometimes it’s okay to ask for help and get it.

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