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DocDrew’s Swish Issue 5, Volume 5

By Dr. Paul Drew

Welcome to the fifth issue of volume five of Swish, a weekly periodical with recaps and photos of Santa Monica YMCA youth basketball games, and other pertinent info such as announcements and updates from the program.

I’ve seen situations recently during games in which parents are trying to coach the kids from the sidelines or their frustration boiled over into yelling at the referees or the coaches, so I felt it would be best to include this article in this week’s edition of the Swish

It’s Time to End the Sideline Sportsanity


As soon as I stepped out of my car in the parking lot, I could hear it. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon of travel soccer, but there it was. You know what I’m talking about: that sometimes beautiful, often times excruciating cacophony of sounds that we have come to know as “cheering for our kids” during a typical youth sporting event.

The scene plays out week after week, in gyms and soccer fields, on pool decks and ice rinks. Young children gear up and try their best to play difficult sports that take years to learn. Well-intentioned fans get ready to enthusiastically support these young athletes. Everyone smiles, exchanges pleasantries, and settles in for an idyllic afternoon.

Then, when the whistle blows and the game starts, millions of well-intentioned, loving fans are transformed into something entirely different. There is some kind of invisible force that turns rational, logical people into raving, yelling fanatics totally consumed by every call, and every play. What do they get?


Sportsanity is the temporary insanity brought on by attending youth sports events. It causes normal human beings to yell, coach, insult, and sometimes even fight other adults, all with the best of intentions and in the name of “supporting our kids.” While the exact cause is unknown, possible causes include Fear of Missing Out, Lack of Patience, and the Adultification of Youth Sports.

Of course I am joking. There is no AMA approved illness known as “sportsanity.” We have actually written an article before on what causes it (click here to read it). And of course even our imaginary illness only affects a portion of parents, most of whom are great people and are truly there for the right reasons. Yet at every game, especially involving schools, clubs and youth sports leagues that fail to hold parents and coaches accountable for appropriate sideline behavior, “Sportsanity” rears its ugly head.

There are four destructive manifestations of sportsanity. They are:

“The Official’s Worst Nightmare” – We all know that parent who questions every call, no matter how far away he or she is. The official can do no right in the eyes of this parent. Even the most mundane of calls is questioned openly and loudly. This parent will scream at the official the entire game as if he or she knows the rules better.

The constant screaming at the poor official has a few consequences for the rest of us:

You rarely win the argument. It’s a waste of breath, but it definitely has the ability to turn an official against you and your child’s team in a heartbeat.

“I love it when my dad yells at the ref” said no kid EVER! I have sat on the bench countless times listening to kids moan because their dad is screaming at the official again. There is nothing more embarrassing.

Even if you do reverse a call, to what end? Are we not using sports to teach life skills and important values? What life skill is learned from arguing with authority figures and what value is taught berating another human being? Teach them values by accepting the bad call as part of life and getting beyond the call.

Finally, and most importantly, most officials at younger players games are children themselves, just learning how to officiate. Screaming at the ref is akin to screaming at the kids. It’s just a game.

If you know the rules better, grab a whistle and an official’s uniform and join the ranks. Many youth sports organizations lose over 50% of their new officials in the first year because the environment is awful. Parents tell us they miss many of their kids sporting matches, but never miss a match they officiate, as they fear for their child’s safety!

The “UnOfficial” Head Coach – This parent grudgingly pays the person on the player side a nice chunk of change to work with their children, but as soon as the whistle blows, the gloves come off. They are coaching now.

Sure, the coach played college and a little pro, and she has an education degree, multiple licenses, and 15 years of experience coaching the sport at this level, but does she really know as much as the “UnOfficial Coach”? These parents have been watching the game for years!. They question every call the coach makes, scoff at every substitution, and hate it when the “weaker kids” get to play. The team would never lose if it was done their way.

Here are a few issues with this kind of sideline character:

It confuses kids, especially if they have a coach who is constantly yelling instructions too. Who are they expected to listen to now? Parents say “listen to your coach”, but now parents are yelling the opposite instructions. The kids stand on the field swiveling from one sideline to the other as if they are watching a tennis match.

It undermines the pedagogical process. Children need to learn from people other than their parents, and from the game. When we continually question the coach, we undermine a child’s ability to trust and learn from others. At some point in time, our children will need the wisdom of “the village” to grow up.

We steal our child’s independence. We tell them to be independent and think for themselves, but we yell all the answers from the sideline. How are they supposed to become problem-solvers if we won’t let them attempt to solve any problems.

We make it about us. It’s their game. It’s their chance to risk, to fall, to get up, and to celebrate when they finally succeed. If we coach from our sideline, we make it about us. Put down the joystick and let them have the game.

I have to repeat myself here. If you think you know better than the coach, or simply cannot control your urge to joystick coach, please feel free to volunteer at your club or take a licensing course and get involved. Once you have the full responsibility of everyone’s child, you tend to better understand the fine balance a coach endures to get it right for every kid on the team.

“The Sniper” – This parent is lethal in moments of high stress when focus and concentration are needed. Many times the parent says very little, except when a player has the opportunity to make the big play. This is when the parent will scream out with a booming voice that echoes across the entire county: “Shoot!” or “Pass!” or “Man On!”

Sounds harmless, right? Imagine being that 10 year old who has just slipped in front of goal and only has the keeper to beat. Her heart is pounding out of her chest, her mind is racing, and she is trying to remember everything she’s been taught.

She’s on the big stage, all eyes on her, and this is the moment of truth – score and be the hero or miss with all eyes on you. Now imagine “The Sniper” screaming “Shoot!” in this moment of high stress. Inevitably she will panic, shoot too early, startle, or simply freeze. The moment has passed before she had a chance to do what SHE wanted to do.

Let the kids make their own decisions. Sometimes they’ll be right, sometimes they’ll be wrong, but at least they are learning, growing, and deciding on their own without sniper shots from the sidelines.

“The Super Cheerleader” – These parents love watching their kids play. They love it so much they can’t help but express their joy. They run up and down the sideline screaming for their children the entire game. Everything they say is positive – like “Go, Go, Go” and “That’s my girl”. So why are they listed here?

I love the enthusiasm from these parents. They just want their child to have unbridled fun. Most of the time they could care less about outcomes. We love the passion, but maybe dial it back a notch? Here is why:

Overzealous cheering can easily lead to coaching, and it certainly can distract kids on the field. Sometimes the Super Cheerleader may get a bit too involved with outcomes. When this happens the children may think the only way they will get the cheering is if they score or win. They think their worth is tied to the outcomes that get the loudest cheers.

They don’t need you there, in spite of what you think. They know you love them. They work hard at practice. They play at recess, and you are not there. Let the game belong to them too.

When your team has a big lead and parents are still Super Cheerleaders it can be a tough pill to swallow for the opposing team. Just remember to put yourself in the shoes of the others and temper your joy just a tad for the sake of the competition.

You can get so caught up in the Super Cheerleader role that you don’t realize there is an injury until all eyes are on you.

Be your child’s biggest fan. But remember, our kids need fans, but not super fans.

What can we do? Try this:

“The Balanced Parent”– This group is a bit of an anomaly because they seem immune to sportsanity. They are relaxed. They are quiet observers of the game, there to watch their child have fun and learn without any desire to interfere in the process. They rarely yell, they barely seem emotional at all, and they supportively cheer their child’s effort. They are supportive, but not over the top pushy. They are present. They realize it is a game, not an emergency!

In my years of coaching, I have found that the parents who have played a sport at the highest level are usually the ones who are most relaxed at their kids game. The more they have accomplished, the less they live vicariously through their kids (see LaVar Ball for a prime example of what not to do).

Here is why I love the Balanced Parents:

The kids have a healthy, balanced perspective of sports. It’s not the most important thing in their lives, it is another activity that shapes them, creates memories, and draws their family closer. It’s just a game, after all.

The atmosphere reflects true competition. Competition means to “strive together”. When the parent sideline is emotionally balanced, the competition on the field is as well, and the players realized they are striving together to get better. Even the opponent is an ally in this development.

The coach’s job is easier! If I didn’t have to “address my parents for yelling” or worry about them contradicting what I had been teaching for the last 8 weeks, my life was great. We could focus on playing, learning, letting the kids own the game, and enjoying the experience.”Relaxed parents” allow coaches and players to focus on the experience itself.

These sideline characters are fluid and can change easily. Almost all of us have been a few of these parents at some point during our lives or even during a single season. Embrace the fact you really care about your kid’s sport experience. This is why you are so vocal and I applaud you. But if you can’t channel the “Balanced Parent” at every game, there are ways to help you create a better experience for your child and everyone else.

Wear headphones – I coached a player whose dad always wore headphones. He said he was a once high level athlete and a former coach, so the urge to intervene was off the charts. He wore headphones to keep from “sideline coaching”. They also served a second purpose, he said, “I don’t have to listen to all the other parents”.

Be the team photographer/videographer – You’ll be too busy finding the perfect shot of everyone’s kid to be yelling. You may even gain an appreciation for all the players on the team. If you film a game and hear your screams on the playback, you will probably never yell again.

Carry lollipops – Sounds funny, but effective. If you feel the urge to speak your mind, fill that gaping void with something to keep words from coming out of it. I’ve heard of sports teams assigning ‘lollipop parents’ whose jobs are to hand out lollipops to those who yell.

Sit in the corner – literally. The same dad who listened to music would also sit away from everyone in the corner of the field. He could watch the game but not get caught up by the emotions on the field and the even more intense emotions on the sidelines. I am convinced there is a direct correlation between how close you sit to the action and how much you need to intervene during games.

Have a yell jar – Pass a jar at games. When you yell, you pay. Use the money to buy all the kids ice cream. You could alter the amounts based on the infraction: yelling instructions is a buck, yelling at the coach is two bucks, berating the ref is a 5 spot, screaming at the kids is a sawbuck.

Offer to be the “keeper of the culture”.  My wife played this role very well. She once dealt with a pair of new parents to our club. They were Sniper Parents yelling shoot at every touch of the ball and when the child would mess up, they would bellow “What were you thinking”. She finally marched up to them and asked them if they liked having people yell at them. She said “we don’t yell at 11 year-olds at our club. This is not our culture”. That became a theme for us- keep the culture. We actually had players come to tryouts to join the club that policed its sidelines. If you have strong club values – offer to guard them.

Ask your kids what they want you to do, and really listen to what they say. Most kids, when we ask them what they want their parents to say at their games answer reflexively, and loudly: NOTHING!

Nobody’s perfect. We have all yelled. This isn’t about pointing fingers and embarrassing parents. This is more about making all of us realize that the people who suffer the most from our screaming are not just referees, coaches and opponents. They are our own kids!

Do your kids a favor and try one of the above suggestions to “bench” the yelling and put an end to sportsanity once and for all.


Colson Moore of the Animals, dribbling the ball against the Yardbirds.  Photo by Lisa Demsky 

INSTANT CLASSIC ALERT! YARDBIRDS & ANIMALS GO TO THE WIRE — October 19th. Down one of our best players for the entire game, down another one of our best players for the second half–both due to their commitments to the beautiful game of soccer–the basketball-playing Yardbirds found a way to dribble on. Arya Nawathe always seems to get our first basket, and this Saturday morning was no different. Yet, we sustained a lengthy drought, while the Animals poured in a pair of buckets. Finally, YMCA Player of the Game, Richard Haro heroically hit 2 jumpers in the 4th quarter (the last one so calmly & cleanly put up, I’d argue it was the shot of the season, thus far) to put us up by 2 by the end of regulation. However, it was a crazy game, and the Animals had 4 free throws then made 2! Luck would have it, Oliver Harris had practice last week taking end of the game free throws, since this time he was able to nail a game winner. Final Score, Yardbirds over the Animals by the slimmest of margins, 7-6.  Submitted by Coach Pete Harris

The Turtles played a talented Rascals team last weekend.  Coach G. was really impressed with how hard the Turtles hustled as we exhibited a stifling defense early on in the game.  Every player on the team gave it their all and I am proud of each and every one of my players on the team. Daniel Gruft was our “Player of the Game” as he played his heart out all game.  He is an incredible asset to our team. I was also really impressed with Archie Lewis starting to become more involved on the court as well as with Hawkins Wakefield. I expect big things from these two next week as they are improving their court awareness in a big way.   Oguz Aghayev was a defensive machine as well as an offensive powerhouse. River Greenwell scored his first basket in a game thanks to a great pass from Oguz. Austin Bernier continued to sink shots from the perimeter. Nevoh Zach was full of hustle and was a fantastic contributor to the team victory.  Lastly, Cruz Hecklin played great defense and is really showing improvement week after week. It was a great overall team effort by the Turtles. Submitted by Coach Chris Greenwell 

Daniel Gruft and Paul Drew (Photo by Chris Greenwell)

The Animals played an exciting nail biter against the Yardbirds Saturday morning. The game came down to the final seconds in regulation and the final free throws, we needed to make all 4 of our free throws to win but the Yardbirds hung on to a close 7 – 5 victory, after Keanu made one of his 2 free throws. It was a great effort by all, including some great defense and late game offense by the Animals. 

The Animals were scoreless and down 2 – 0 into the 2nd half when Colson Moore scored 2 electrifying third quarter baskets to give the Animals the lead. The Animals played some strong defense with Elliot Israel’s great ball denial defense on inbound passes and Maria Belew leading with 4 rebound and 3 steals. It was the defense that kept the Yardbirds behind going into the fourth quarter. Elliot Israels also had a strong game with 4 rebounds to keep the Yardbirds in check. Colson Moore also had a rebound and a steal in addition to his scoring. Keanu Straughter had 2 steals and a rebound. Mariella Belew had 2 rebounds, Jason Gaines stepped up on defense as well with a blocked shot and a steal. Weston Brea also got a rebound and Zayn Al-Shawe had 2 rebounds and a steal.  Submitted by Coach Christian Straughter 

For the second week in a row, the Zombies rose from the dead. Trailing by as many as 7 points in the 2nd half, the Zombies clawed their way to victory. The Bluesbreakers refused to go down without a fight. Trailing by 3 with only 25 seconds remaining and on the defensive side of the floor, Joaquin Jimenez stole the ball, outraced the pack of Zombies on his heels, and drained a jumper at the buzzer to give his Bluesbreakers a chance to win. Earlier, Adrian Yen made a sweet baseline jumper. Aryan Abjani and Miles Smith grabbed multiple rebounds. Stellan Haberli dropped multiple long-range bombs and paced the Bluesbreakers in scoring. On the Zombies side, Gus Mitha and Owen Rudman both sank their first baskets of the year when the team needed them most. Theo DeCordoba grabbed 5 rebounds and added a block and a bucket. Phoebe Paterson led a spirited defensive effort, shadowing her opponent all game. Zander Chin played his best game of the year, stuffing the stat line with 8 rebounds, 7 steals, and 7 points. Zombies 13, Bluesbreakers 12.  Submitted by Coach Brian Pfanschmidt

The Bluesbreakers took on the Zombies for the first time this season on Saturday afternoon.  

Both teams matched up pretty well, and it looked like it would be an exciting game.  The Bluesbreakers jumped out to the early lead when Adrian Yen scored on a quick basket in the paint off the assist from Stellan Haberli to finish the game with 2 points, 2 rebounds and 1 steal.  Zeke Sarr showed off his improving shooting touch by stopping and popping a jumper from the left side; finishing with 2 points and 1 steal. Stellan Haberli added to the scoring with a free throw and a bucket to go along with his in the first half to put the Blues up 7-4 at the half. Stellan and Siddhant Khanna played feisty perimeter defense on the ball to lead to turnovers and more opportunities to score.

Miles Smith chipped in with 2 tough rebounds to add to his season total.  Leon Liu made some nice passes to his teammates. Efe Gocen tallied his first career rebound as well.  Arayan Abjani also helped control the paint with 2 rebounds. 

The Bluesbreakers looked to extend and protect the lead, but the Zombies started to come to life.  Zombie defense limited the Blues to 2 points in the 3rd quarter with a score of 9-6. The 4th quarter is when things got really interesting.  A persistent effort by the Zombies to get the ball into the paint yield 6 points and the lead at 12-9. That’s when Joaquin Jimenez got inspired.  With time running out, Joaquin dribbled up court and heaved a 15-foot shot that hit the backboard and dropped through the net as the buzzer sounded.  Post-game freethrows pending, the Bluesbreakers still had a chance. A couple of unkind bounces on the shots preserved the Zombies 1 point win.

The Bluebreakers look to get back on track versus the Yardbirds next.  Submitted by Coach Charles Ellinwood


The Police Jaxton Moore dribbles down the court against the Beat.  Photo by Lisa Demsky 
Bosses vs Heartbreakers 
Cars vs Pretenders 
Runaways vs Revolution 

Bosses edge Heartbreakers:  In this 32-minute game, our Bosses were behind for the first 30 minutes.  The Heartbreakers kept a 2-0 lead the entire first half until Ryan Lim made it 2-1 with a halftime free throw. We fell behind 4-1 when Vitalina Moncher finally hit a bucket for us to close the gap at 4-3.  The Heartbreakers would hit in the 4th to take what seemed like an insurmountable 6-3 lead, as both teams struggled with their shooting, as well as plentiful mental and physical errors. The last 4 minutes finally saw the Bosses come to life, as our defense suddenly improved, errors were kept to a minimum, and we found the bottom of the net.  Davis Forkner scored on a designed out-of-bounds play that we worked on this week and then he took a nice assist from Vitalina to hit the game winner from the paint.

Overall, we still lacked the aggressiveness we will need to stay competitive and we need better focus and rebounding, but progress is being made.  These were two true ‘development’ teams that were equally matched. Although they may not be ready to challenge the more experienced Bantam teams now, I’m fully confident that both teams, if kept together, will be fighting for the championship by Spring season.  Submitted by Coach Rick Moncher

The Police Theo Richards was “Player of the Game”. Photo by Holden Hayes

The Beat & Police battled it out.  Police had a full 10 player roster and the Beat were missing a couple players including one of their top kids Luke Steelman.  The Police came out tough on defense looking to push the Beat to take more outside shots. Police’s Nick Varo drained a basket early to kick off their scoring.  Ryan Drew swished a long jumper in the 2nd quarter, ended with 3 boards, and was lighting fast many plays, hustling back on D to help hold off the Beat’s fast breaks. Theo Richards up leveled his previous good performance last game with a truly huge game for the Police earning him Player of the Game including a 3 point dagger in the 2nd quarter – Richards finished with 9 points, 12 beast mode rebounds, 2 steals, 1 block, and 1 assist…by the way he played strong defense all game too!  

Jaxton Moore sunk a nice free throw at the end of the 1st half and pulled down a solid 5 rebounds…he also was one of the keys to protecting the paint on defense and forcing longer shots. Tristan Hayes was relatively quiet in the 1st half, and woke up a bit in the 4th quarter hitting a couple nice shots in the clutch for 4 points and pulled down 5 rebounds and a steal in the game. Logan Cappicille used his size as normal to protect the paint on defense, he had 1 nice assist, and grabbed 5 strong rebounds in the game.   Brandon Israels, once again, took care of business on defense, and he had 3 rebounds, 2 blocks, and added a free-throw for 1 point at the end. Roman Gabriel played tough D and snagged a rebound. Jackson Garrett had a rebound and worked with Xander Zhou on defense. Police evened up their record 2-2 on the win 19-12. Submitted by Coach Holden Hayes

The Police versus the Beat.  Photos by Thea Cappiccille 

The Pretenders played their 4th game this past Saturday against the undefeated Cars and the battle for 1st place in Bantam division did not disappoint. Both teams came out playing tough defense, and we didn’t score until Dylan Kravitz made a long corner shot for a 2-0 lead. The game stayed a low scoring affair until Kravitz and the rest of the team started feeding Taylor Summers near the basket. With encouragement from coaches and the always helpful and caring refs, Summers started going strong to the hoop on her shots and scored 5 crucial points to give us a lead. Two clutch baskets by Ethan Pages and six points total from Kravitz gave us all the scoring we needed to pull out a victory. Victoria McNary, Aidan Hill and Brendan Still led another great defensive effort.  Final Score: Pretenders win 15-9. Submitted by Coach Bill Kravitz

Santa Monica YMCA vs Culver/Palms YMCA U10.  Photos by Apolonia Drew


Clovers vs Impressions in a battle for first place.  
A patch of Clovers.  Photos by Suchada Kwunyeun 

The much-anticipated game of this early season matched up the 3-0 Clovers against the 3-0 Impressions. In each of the first 3 games a different Clover has stepped up and assumed control. This time it was Player of the Game, Leo “Money” Mooney. His impressive stat line 12 points, 6…count ‘em 6 steals, 3 rebounds and an assist only tell part of the story. He showed great poise and quiet but strong floor leadership as he locked down The Impression’s guards and led The Clovers to a 44-23 victory.

It was a close first half and by the third period The Impressions had chipped away a once 12-point lead down to 5. However, The Clovers turned up the intensity, kept trapping on D, moving the ball on O and played with focus and unselfishness. The Clovers tallied an impressive 14 steals! The Sikora Brothers combined for 5 of those (Guy,3 – Leo, 2) along with 3 assists. After going scoreless in its first two contests, Henry Olivier had a breakout game with 11 points, 9 of those in the second half.  Olivier has a knack for finding the open spot about 5-7 feet from the hoop. Jonathan Shu was his usual quiet but dominating self, posting 8 points, a team high 7 boards and 4 game-changing blocks.

Ryan Schuster-3 points, 4 rebs, Dominic Drew-2 points, Rayan Etemadnia-3 rebs, and Rowan Booher, 2 points created a virtually impenetrable wall up front.  Aidan Mann-3 rebounds, 2 points and Patrick Chiang-5 boards locked down the middle and provided a fierce last line of defense.

The Coaches are excited to witness the week by week progress. The trap continues to be refined as The Clovers are embracing defensive slides/beating their man to the spot and using less arms/ reaches and more body positioning. We will continue to fine-tune the team’s defensive sets, offensive screening/ball movement and rebound positioning.  Submitted by Coach Jonathan Schuster 

Action shots of the Impressions versus the Clovers.  Photos by Apolonia Drew
Santa Monica YMCA vs Culver/Palms U12 team.  Photos by Tom Chambers 
Drifters vs Express.  Photos by Tom Chambers 
Action shots of the Express vs Drifters.  Photos by Apolonia Drew
Whispers vs Platters


Saturday Oct. 19 – Commodores v Wonders:  Last Saturday’s game against the Wonders was as close as they come! The two heretofore undefeated teams tied in the first quarter. The Commodores were down by only one point at the end of both the second and third quarters, but finally pulled off the W with a single point at the end of the 4th. It was another nail-biter through and through. River Mitchell came out on top again with boards on both ends, but we can’t help but Wonder if he and the Comms would’ve still landed on Higher Ground if Wonders’ big man Jaxson Glowacki had been in play. Either way, the Commodores sung together beautifully with an impressive eight assists leading to 20 of their total 42 in-game points. Hats off to Eli Eng whose four careful assists raked in 11 points, and to Xailoh Hermosillo and Evan Daghighian who landed the shots. Notably, Daghighian went 3/3 on his 3-point shots, assisted by Hermosillo in the third quarter and by Eng twice in the 4th quarter. Jesse Lister also bagged 9 points. Michael Hanasab played consistently on both ends providing key defensive blocks, steals, and rebounds as well as nabbing 7 points and an assist to Lister. The entire game was up, down, and tied over and over again, but As we all know, the stakes are never higher than in the fourth quarter. The Commodores went into the 4th down by one point. When the buzzer rang the score was a cool 42-37 in the favor of the Comms. But as in the game last week, too many fouls meant they could easily lose their lead in post-game free throws. Daghighian was the sole shooter for the C’s and managed to make 2 of his 4 shots. The Wonders had a whopping 14 free throw shots. They hit 6 FTs and missed out on the opportunity to add four more with the two additional 1+1s they earned in the bonus. The game was Signed, Sealed, and Delivered at 44-43, and another win for the Commodores.  Submitted by Wendy Hermosillo

This Week’s Profile

Each week, Swish has a profile of a coach, player, or someone in the program who inspires all of us involved in Santa Monica YMCA basketball.  

This week, I asked the Youth Sports Coordinator for the Culver/Palms YMCA, Lamondo Greer, some questions for Swish.  Lamondo is the director of the youth basketball program, at the Culver/Palms YMCA, which is currently having its Fall season.  Lamondo has invited teams from the Santa Monica YMCA to come play Culver teams each Saturday. We are excited to bring different teams each week to the Culver Middle School for friendly competition.  Lamondo has been truly helpful and supportive in my new adventures as the youth sports coordinator at the Santa Monica YMCA.

DocDrew. What do you enjoy most about being the Youth Sports coordinator at the Culver-Palms YMCA?

Lamondo:  What I most enjoy about being the Youth Sports Director at Culver-Palms YMCA. Is the friendships I build overtime, with the families and community. Even though I work in Culver City, I can be in another part of LA and several years later. I can hear kid or parent. Yelling Coach Lamondo. I remember you from the Y. 

DocDrew:  Which are your biggest challenges as a coordinator of youth sports?

Lamondo:  My biggest challenges for being director of youth sports is coordinating different sports at the same time and making sure that all your programs are running smoothly.

DocDrew:  What advice would you give someone who recently has become a youth sports coordinator at the YMCA, such as myself?

Lamondo:  The advice I would give someone is .. never be afraid to learn from your mistakes and ask for help.

I highly recommend to anyone, who lives in the Culver City/Palms area, to consider youth sports at the Culver/Palms YMCA.  The vast experience and leadership that Lamondo provides, sets the example that I hope to follow in my endeavors as a youth sports coordinator.  Thanks Lamondo for all your help.


SAT    10/19/19


Yardbirds 7, Animals 5

Turtles    19, Rascals 10

Bluesbreakers 11, Zombies 12


Commodores 44, Wonders 43

Godfathers 43, Miracles 50

Spinners 54, Temptations 38

Supremes 13, Parliaments 34

SUN    10/20/19


Cars 9, Pretenders 15

Revolution 16, Runaways 8

Heartbreakers    6, Bosses 7

Police 19, Beat 12


Platters 19, Whispers 35

Express 27, Drifters 33

Clovers 44, Impressions 23

Coasters 27, Delfonics 19

Culver Middle School(Culver-Palms YMCA Fall League)

SAT    10/19/19

6-7 division        Culver YMCA 10, Santa Monica YMCA 30 

8-9 division        Culver YMCA 10, Santa Monica YMCA 11

10-11 division        Culver YMCA 11, Santa Monica YMCA 17


Teams are awarded 5 points for a win, 3 points for a tie, 1 point for a loss, 0 points for a forfeit.  Tournament games have greater point value. Teams are listed in their place in the standings with W-L-T and team points.


Yardbirds 4-0-0, 20 points

Zombies 3-1-0, 16 points

Bluesbreakers 2-2-0, 12 points *Bluesbreakers beat Turtles head to head

Turtles 2-2-0, 12 points 

Animals 1-3-0, 8 points

Rascals 0-4-0, 4 points 

Pretenders 3-1-0, 16 points

Revolution 2-1-1, 14 points 

Bosses 2-2-0, 12 points

Police 2-2-0, 12 points

Cars 2-1-0, 11 points 

Heartbreakers 1-2-1, 10 points

Beat 2-1-0, 10 points (-1 for UTF)

Runaways 0-4-0, 4 points

Clovers 4-0-0, 20 points

Impressions 3-1-0, 16 points

Drifters 3-1-0, 16 points

Whispers 2-2-0, 12 points

Coasters 2-2-0, 12 points

Platters 1-2-0, 7 points

Delfonics 0-4-0, 4 points

Express 0-3-0, 3 points 


Commodores 4-0-0, 20 points

Wonders 3-1-0, 16 points

Spinners 3-1-0, 16 points

Miracles 2–2-0, 12 points *Miracles beat Parliaments head to head

Parliaments 2-2-0, 12 points

Temptations 2-2-0, 11 points (-1 for UTF)

Supremes 0-4-0, 4 points

Godfathers 0-4-0, 4 points           

Upcoming schedule 

All games are played in the gymnasium of the Santa Monica YMCA

R=Rookies, B=Bantams, MN=Minors, MJ=Majors

SAT    10/26/19

65    10:30 AM    MN    Clovers        Platters

66    11:40 AM    MN    Drifters            Impressions

67    12:50 PM    MN    Delfonics        Express       

68    2:00 PM    MN    Whispers        Coasters       

69    3:10 PM    B    Beat            Heartbreakers

70    4:20 PM    B    Pretenders         Police       

71    5:30 PM    B    Revolution         Bosses       

72    6:40 PM    OPEN

SUN    10/27/19

73    10:30 AM    R    Animals        Rascals

74    11:40 AM    R    Blues            Yardbirds

75    12:50 PM    R    Turtles            Zombies

76    2:00 PM    B    Cars            Runaways

77    3:10 PM    MJ    Wonders        Parliaments

78    4:20 PM    MJ    Commodores         Godfathers

79    5:30 PM    MJ    Spinners        Supremes

80    6:40 PM    OPEN

Culver Middle School(Culver-Palms YMCA Fall League)

SAT    10/26/19

1:30 PM     6-7 division vs Santa Monica YMCA

3:30 PM    8-9 division vs Santa Monica YMCA

4:30 PM    10-11 division vs Santa Monica YMCA

Thank you very much, 

Dr. Paul Drew, youth basketball coordinator at the Santa Monica YMCA,  editor and publisher of Swish

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