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Don’t play the victim card unless it’s absolutely necessary. Serious business coming in the next days that will require your full attention. If you drop the ball now you will have much to make up for. You want to get the hard stuff out of the way before you launch into the supposed happiest time of the year.


You are getting tired of always having to give other people advice and would like some real advice for yourself. The problem is you’re too good at giving others advice, and they’re becoming reliant upon it for their daily existence. Truth be told, you could use a break from it all. Holiday cheer is just what you need.


You are on a different track than you were before. You have to follow it well enough but there is some wiggle room. You can fall to the left or the right and it won’t matter that much. The changing times require that you change with them. Try a little bit of this, a little bit of that – your spirit will thrive on experimentation.


Despite a clumsy beginning, you are getting yourself back in the game. To not let yourself be counted out requires you toughen up significantly. Just tell yourself, so what. It’s the best way to handle people who aren’t very nice to begin with. They will always be there to tear you down.


You can be seduced by false promises. Keep the big picture in focus, take things with an extra grain of salt and don’t let the creeps drag you down. The great thing about the endless news cycle is that what is interesting one day becomes old news the next. People are nice to you one day and seem like they hate on you the next. Don’t listen to any of them. Trust yourself.


You reinvent your dreams as you go through life. Sometimes they are fulfilled, other times you feel like they have evaporated. They take time to blossom. You may never be all that you ever wanted to be, but the one thing to remember is that you can’t get to the best part without the pain of struggling to get there.


A gift reminds you of just why it’s so much better to give than to receive. You are one of those people who always has the perfect gift idea for someone but for whatever reason you don’t quite get the payoff you’re expecting. It takes a while for most people to appreciate great gifts.


No matter how high you climb you will be knocked back down a notch or two. Remember the true friends you have and the people who are loyal to you. Remember that there are things to waste your time on and things to carefully consider. Measure your responses before you shoot off at the mouth.


You had power once but that power is now gone. You have to reinvent yourself. Keep always in mind what is most important to you, what you get your kicks about and what holds you back. It’s a shattering, disillusioning thing to realize how fast time flies by. It’s all over before you know it and you are face with the basics. Learn to value them. They are all that matter.


You feel a bit under the weather but you’re not sure why. It’s a time for rebirth, for sure, and it’s a time for changing. You will change from the inside out; you will find yourself again. You will nurture and protect what is inside and outside your body. Your beauty will manifest itself in every fiber of your being.


You manage well through the time crunch of the holiday season. You get everything done and then some. You don’t understand the way people are, especially the cruelest ones. Yet you are always stronger when you pull from your heart reserves. There is a reason people lean on you.


You are at a significant crossroads. You have to settle yourself inside before you can reflect it on the outside. Don’t overdue around the holidays. Keep it all in moderation. Remember who your friends are and don’t forget to invest time in making your dwelling as comfortable as possible. Remember who lives there.

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