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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Give away your most prized possession to someone you believe needs it more than you do. It is also wise to quiet the destructive voices within. Imagine how a better script would sound running through your head; it doesn’t have to be panic, gloom, and doom.


Earlier in your journey, you found that not every road leads back to the right place. You find yourself drawn down those same roads and stand to make the same mistakes again. The only difference is, this time more is at stake. Tread carefully.


Stay on top of the tech trends. Your financial health will depend on your ability to tap in. The future will not wait; you have to keep up. Brighter colors are more your thing lately. Think outward uplift and it will effect things inward.


Wisdom is earned through pain. Wisdom is relied upon through experience. You are investing in having the right to give your wise advice to those who need it most. They will probably not listen. You are here for a reason and every misstep informs that.


The hard times aren’t going to last forever. Right now, you’ve hit a rough patch. But you can get through it. Either you are off base emotionally or financially, or a relationship has hit a speed bump. There is no quick fix here. Slow and steady wins the race.


The doors have opened and you’re getting ready to walk through. Trust in your ability to handle the sticky elements that have been tossed in to trip you up. You are so much better than them. In other words, don’t ever let them see you sweat.


Sometimes the worst things are those you never see coming. How do you fight against it? If you try too hard to get out of the way you will always be looking over your shoulder. Be prepared but don’t obsess. You have nothing to fear; you will handle it all like a well-played game of chess.


Your generosity and “spread the wealth” spirit will bring things boomeranging back at you. If you see the beauty in even the insignificant things you will have the eyes others want to gaze upon. Keep the flame alive inside.


It’s a good rule of thumb to always do the dreaded things first. You reward yourself by having nothing to worry about. If it hangs over your head depression will set in. Get it done, do it quickly, and when it’s done you will feel lighter.


You have to remind yourself not to let perfectionist tendencies infect others around you so that they also think they have to be perfect to measure up. We are all on our own path, our own journey in life, and thus, some of us progress slower and in different ways.


You have to step outside of your comfort zone to answer the big question that’s been swirling around your consciousness lately. You know what you have to do though you feel yourself resisting against it. This won’t be a forever thing. Just a right now thing.


You are missing out on the benefits of this lovely life by imprisoning yourself in your finances. Perhaps this very thing keeps you from having to confront people. But it isn’t doing you any favors. Be brave and start confronting. You won’t regret it.

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