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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Regard others with the same kind of love you’d like to see directed back at you. Focus is on mirroring back to you what you want in your life. You have choices to make regarding your forward action. Are you going to stagnate because fear won’t let you move out of your box? No, you aren’t.


You catch a bit of break before the storm kicks up again. The time in between gives you more of an opportunity to catch up with yourself. Be careful that you don’t put anger where it doesn’t belong. It is easy, sometimes, to direct at people who seem like they deserve it. But it only feeds a bigger problem.


It’s a great time for you – your luck is on the upside, you have lots of affection and admiration showered upon you. At the same time, you’re in need of a reality check about your organizational skills. It isn’t that you don’t know how, it’s that you don’t want to.


A gift is handed to you in a very surprising way. You might not even recognize it as a gift. In fact, you might feel hateful at the mere suggestion of it. There is a new rule of living to abide by: just show up. You might not fix everything but you’ll be there.


It might not be worth taking a major risk if you know there won’t be a significant payoff. At the same time, don’t let fear hold you back when you know you’re able to make progress. You might think you don’t have a shot but in fact, you do. You are going to hit it sooner rather than later.


Take a break from the tragedy of our collective experience. We hear things that makes us sad and depressed but it won’t do anything else for us except color our world grey. Don’t shut it out completely but take some time away from it.


Focus is on being found and searching. If you place yourself somewhere where others can easily find you, you won’t be so separate. Let yourself be found. Search for someone else. Look beneath who you think someone is. Find them. These are the things that keep us feeling vital.


You are driven crazy by someone or something living near to you. So much so that you’re contemplating getting out now while you still have a shred of sanity. It isn’t the people or the things, though, that are really bothering you. It is something decidedly deeper.


Irritants abound. You’re trying not to be that grouchy person who complains about everything. You don’t find it easy to be that person but you do give it a shot. Give it a rest. You know when it’s time to back off. You are tired of yourself in every way.


You should be more up front about the truth and less passive aggressive. Sooner or later people do discover the truth and as a result, feel resentful that you kept it from them. It’s much better to deal with the conflict at hand. It grows if it gets put off too long.


You get a hard line ultimatum that is partly scary and part exciting. Sometimes we need to be nudged a little before we’re able to act completely. Deadlines work for some, threats work for others. You’ve got a lot of determination but don’t be offended if someone pushes a little.


You are pushing yourself too hard and as a result your health is suffering. The dramas we occupy ourselves with are not worth the time. Don’t let precious moments slip through your fingers. Turn off distracting electronics and be present in your life.

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